During the development of screw air compressors, the price of accessories was very high. The subjective factors of the screw air compressor assembly plant and the objective conditions of the market are two reasons for this phenomenon.

DSNEAIR Air Compressor Before discussing the price change trend of China's screw air compressor parts market, we need to know about the screw air compressor spare parts market. Background Information. As is well known, screw air compressors are one type of assembly machine. In other words, most screw air compressor plants do not produce spare parts under normal circumstances; their spare parts (such as: screw oil, filters, etc.) are purchased from various accessory suppliers, and then marked with their mainframe brand or “正正; Factory accessories & rdquo;, & ldquo; original accessories & rdquo; and other words sold to their air compressor users. This is the so-called manufacturing process. It is also the so-called original accessories! The price is also sold very ridiculously! This is the subjective reason for the screw air compressor assembly plant. From a subjective point of view, the screw air compressor plant is not willing to actively reduce the price of accessories. Because the accessories are the basic consumables of the air compressor; the air compressor user's demand for such consumables is relatively stable and will not change significantly due to price changes. Just as people's demand for rice, the basic consumables of life, will not significantly increase the consumption of rice because of the reduction in rice prices. Under this circumstance, if the screw air compressor factory reduces the price of the spare parts of the Chinese air compressor, it can not effectively increase the user's demand for spare parts; on the contrary, the reduced price will be reduced screw air compressorThe profit that the factory receives from the demand for spare parts that its users already have.
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