There are many classification methods for users to choose the screw air compressor air compressor that suits them. According to the displacement, there are micro air compressors, small air compressors, medium air compressors and large air compressors. According to the working principle. The sub-divided into a volumetric air compressor and a speed air compressor, such as a piston air compressor, a screw air compressor, a vane air compressor, a scroll air compressor, these are typical volumes. Air compressors; centrifugal air compressors, axial air compressors, and jet air compressors are speed air compressors. Now I have combined my years of China Air Compressor sales experience to give users some advice, I hope to help users: Fully consider the gas requirements: the selected air compressor must be able to meet the production The requirements of the process, specifically the air compressor pressure, exhaust gas, exhaust gas temperature, gas quality, etc., must meet the requirements for use. 1. Select the appropriate screw air compressor in the exhaust gas For an enterprise or gas unit, the actual gas consumption of the gas system includes the gas consumption of the existing equipment, the leakage of the pipeline, The amount of gas stored in the pipeline. Considering the leakage at the pipe joints (especially the leakage of the rectangular pipe), the transmission distance from the air compressor to the gas point, the estimation error of the gas consumption of the gas system, etc., generally, the selection is empty. The exhaust of the press should match the amount of gas required by the press and reserve 10% of the space. 2. Select the mobile air compressor for the air pressure. Generally, the air compressor is selected to be larger than the actual maximum air pressure, but not small. If the compressed air pressure required by the user is 0.85Mpa, Then you need to choose a 1.0Mpa air compressor, but you can not choose a 0.8Mpa air compressor and then forcibly pressurize. If the working pressure of a certain gas point is low, you can use a pressure reducing valve to supply air. 3. Select the appropriate air compressor aftertreatment system according to the gas quality requirements. The compressed air produced by the common air compressor contains a certain amount of lubricating oil and contains a certain amount of water. For general gas use, compressed air can be used by connecting it to a gas facility through a gas pipeline. However, some gas applications are oil-free and water-free. In some gas applications, there are strict requirements on the temperature of the air. At this time, not only the selection of the compressor should be noted, but also the compressed air aftertreatment device should be added if necessary. This article is edited by China DSNEAIR Compressor Manufactory ( Please indicate.