Editor's note: We are in the process that uses constrictive machine, mix normally to arrive efficient consumptive purpose, large minority time, the option that we grant lead plane and spare parts and care and maintenance will be a bit morer, and understand and master what often ignored the condition that waits for respect of a few detail about safe sex however. Notice, levee of “ a thousand li destroys ” of Yu Yi acupuncture point, look be like is a small achievement, if careless is not added advertent, not only can form the waste that need not want, can lead to important matter reason one day eventually even. So, in process of constrictive machine movement, achievement no matter size, need to try to pay attention to and understand processing thoroughly, this is the premise that makes sure constrictive machine can hold to restful and invalid task.

So, we are in with enterprise and user in consuming a process, about constrictive machine each type reserves the insight of the view of machine and relevant achievement is nodded to leave, the idea that initiates the personage inside course of study is collected and discuss greatly, in an attempt to discusses mutual beneficial purpose in all. This period forum, we come to the acuteness discussion that what spread out to this listen to netizens.

Participate in generally, sincerity communication, a lot of difficulty and achievement are met be readily solved, this is the effort of the network.

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ID: Oliver

About piston, centrifugal type and screw type 3 kinds of constrictive machine, hear in movement, piston needs thinking reserves machine, because it is fragile many, be about to safeguard from time to time, overhaul is apart from time weak point, and screw type does not need thinking to reserve machine, centrifugal type also not demand, be such? Side other does a consult of type type selecting, everybody of ask for advice has the teacher of experience.

ID: Jamesjp

The organization feels, centrifugal need not have normally machine, screw machine has equipment opportunity certainly, exit piston must not have machine, but homebred piston machine must have machine oh.

ID: Liuyao

Be such, in abroad common centrifugal need not have machine. But this configuration is relative, configure double oily filter for example, need not stop machine is OK change the filter taking energy of life of filter core is waited a moment. In international average client or meeting ponder equipment aircraft. Screw machine is indispensible of machine having equipment, piston also should want to ponder equipment aircraft!

ID: Wangyongchao

Don't I understand why must have equipment opportunity with screw machine?

ID: Jamesjp

It is below above the speech of cite “liuyao” : Be such, in abroad common centrifugal need not have machine. But this configuration is relative, configure double oily filter for example, need not stop machine is OK change the filter taking energy of life of filter core is waited a moment. In international average client or meeting ponder equipment aircraft. Screw machine is indispensible of machine having equipment, piston also should want to ponder equipment aircraft!

This also wants those who separate a state, if run every year,surmount word of 8000 hours to want equipment chance.

ID: Wangyongchao

Should treat what craft condition actually, we once ran 7 years in used screw machine (meantime did not stop medium, overhaul) , this machine also did not affect craft to consume without equipment platform! Additionally even if is exit piston constrictive machine, also should ponder use equipment station, otherwise not amused.

ID: Oliver

Must screw machine have equipment opportunity? What ground does this word have? Be known according to me, the screw machine of Howden did not ponder equipment aircraft in international sale (I have detailed sale detailed account) , making clear me can not be to hold in the palm, I am offerring type consult to one user.

ID: Jacky

I feel, with what constrictive machine does not have how old relation, secondary sees you handle a situation. If craft requirement is very strict, do not allow air feed stop halfway, must have equipment opportunity. If be place of common use use only, not necessary machine is OK also. Just think one, who can make sure whose constrictive machine all through the ages does not give result? !

ID: Justin

Hum, such really, what I feel upstairs to this says is reasonable!

ID: Hxnj

The 4L-20/8 that some factory produces two international of our unit pneumatics machine each other is reserve, operating mode is OK still! Every continue every year everyday the task 11 hours, it is half an year should change high-pressured asbestine is filled up (drive sb. to his death, heavy ah) .

ID: Q123456

Ah, upstairs, asbestine fills up those who had chosen, assure a few years to need not be changed.

The achievement of equipment aircraft is to answer to be decided according to consumptive practice really, if be continuity massive spending, or because equipment stops machine formation immediate loss is very big (be like vitreous furnace, steel-making furnace) , or immediate loss is baronial (if order for goods is lost, time limit for a project delays a huge sum to compensate for) , or it is to reckon demand often will add dosage in the future etc, need to ponder to reserve certainly abundant quantity.

Our unit has 15 pneumatics opportunity at present, the design just can be 65 thousand stere about / hour, before a few years dosage of user of the estimation when extend often will grow, reason obligate about 9000 stere / of the hour reserve abundant quantity, through a few years the user often is consumed, at present dosage most a remnant is carried out when peak lack 3000 stere / of the hour reserve abundant quantity, equipment maintains normally it is very difficult that the overhaul is decorated, and project approving requests to purchase pneumatics machine to cannot be approved tardy go up, estimate etc batch when going up, we reserve at first repeatedly make rich the quantity is done not have, if to the user consumption forms an influence, loss but too big.

ID: Justin

So big with tolerance, run, leakage scarcely can be disregarded prevent!

ID: Lg

Want to inspect operating mode and be decided with what pneumatics machine, a lot of users use gas nowadays is 24 hours discontinuous, without the word of equipment aircraft, with respect to hard to bear.

ID: Winter child

Screw machine is average be to should have equipment opportunity, because piston machine compares be skilful at to the user, no matter achievement size can oneself are maintained, and screw aircraft is different, in case lead plane presents result, him user cannot be handled, want to have equipment opportunity so.

ID: Liyh

Equipment chance should give very big capital, if constrictive machine stage is counted in the unit,be likened to much, can ponder reserve one stage or a few, if gross demand has, you have even, that is not economical! Export constrictive machine especially! So, still suggest thinking buys a function to had been been likened to, not necessary machine.

ID: Hjhcompressor

Equipment aircraft is unprepared machine, the key is to see the practice of the user handle a situation, whether continuance consumption cannot stop, whether have begin a program newly, whether better profit waits, it is a kind of integrated choice, is not the constrictive machine of what brand. Group proposal: If the enterprise has certain dimensions, have better outstanding achievement, should be an export unit, a homebred aircrew, one has.

ID: Pickled

A lot of users ask supply business has reserve machine, once his machine be out of order, of demand supply business reserve machine reach the designated position a few hours air feed.

ID: Lg

Idea is good, can you be this can? Mobile phone of even if resembling is same, collect fees offer equipment opportunity, doesn't device want time?

ID: Sgq0806

With need not have reserve machine or the condition using gas that treats the person that apply, it is 24 hours of movement, consumptive scale is large, the demand is high do not wait a moment first, still have the state of mind that is investor and actual strength.

ID: Zjct

My company large minority is to apply international machine of pneumatics of piston of some constrictive engine plant, overall movement in order. But still apply reserve machine, be ready for any eventuality.

ID: Baifeng

The word outside the problem: On the market about screw the professional book of constrictive machine is too little, use a category especially. Is constrictive machine in the example spin / chemical industry / generate electricity / balata / glass / pharmacy / does brew wait an industry a moment to on what craft be used in detail? Be badly in need of each grant instruction.

ID: Whm1

Our unit is 24 small air feed, have opportunity of pneumatics of 5 screw type at present, just use quite. Because do not have equipment aircraft, of equipment maintain normally common also be to look at do for nothing. Once present breakdown, we are miserable, of consumption should drive sheet, had wished 10 minutes to be about to do calm, with fight like maintenance.

ID: Magic.zeng

Have greatly experience, did not reserve machine, do not have an accident criterion already, have an accident to be produced by accident with respect to meeting loss of working time, do not drive give order form, only reparations.

ID: Huang Feihong

Is export machine average not necessary machine? ? ? Fallacy. The choice of equipment aircraft, the demand that should see a client furnish to gas whether be continuance.