Spiral air compressor What are the characteristics of the direct-coupled transmission compared with the belt drive?
Depending on the transmission method, the screw compressor is divided into a direct-coupled air compressor, a belt-driven compressor and Gear drive compressor.
The transmission mode has a significant impact on the energy consumption, economical operation and reliability of the screw compressor. The source of the nose has an important influence on the way the machine is driven. The head is designed on the basis of 50Hz electric system. The core speed is 3000 rpm. The main compressor specifications can be driven by direct drive without internal and external shifting. The imported machine head is basically designed according to 60Hz electric system, and the core speed is synchronous 3600 rpm. Therefore, under the 50Hz power supply condition in China, the original design target is realized by shifting. This shifting often causes energy consumption, cost, consumables and reliability. Change; either deviate from the best conditions to allow the nose to work under edge conditions.
1, Direct screw air compressor
The direct-coupled compressor transmits the motor power to the nose through a flexible coupling. The transmission of the compressor consumes almost no energy and is the most efficient transmission. The coupling is replaced with an elastic body every three years, and there is no other maintenance work. With the new flanged flexible coupling, it is very convenient to replace the elastomer without removing the machine head, piping and valves. The positive rotor speed of the direct-coupled compressor is equal to the motor speed, so the speed of the direct-coupled screw compressor is relatively low, and the life and reliability are the highest.
2, Belt-driven air compressor
Belt drive has the function of transmitting power and changing the speed. The belt drive relies on friction to transmit power, which itself consumes a certain amount of energy. It accounts for 2% to 3% of the transmitted power. The belt must have a certain tension to obtain sufficient friction. The belt tension is subject to additional radial load on the bearings of the motor and the head. The belt drive compressor has higher requirements on the bearings of the motor and the head. Belt drive compressors are relatively inexpensive to produce and are typically used only for small compressors and economical compressors. When the belt tension is insufficient, the belt will slip and the transmission power will be insufficient, which will not only cause the belt to wear at high temperature, but also reduce the speed of the air compressor and reduce the displacement. Always check the belt tension and pull the belt or replace the belt in time. The belts must be replaced in groups. General air compressor salesmen will strongly recommend direct-coupled air compressors when propagating and promoting screw air compressors with customers. It is said that the screw main engine of the direct-connected air compressor and the electric motor are connected together through a flexible coupling. The transmission efficiency is high; while the belt drive air compressor is used for a period of time after the belt is used, the belt elasticity and toughness are lowered, and the transmission efficiency is not new. It is undeniable that from the transmission principle, this is indeed the case, but even the best equipment has a fault. After using the air compressor for a period of time, when there is a problem, for example, the elastic coupling is broken. , after-sales maintenance should be understood, the exchange of flexible couplings is not an easy job, disassemble the head, unload the motor, the maintenance costs are high, not to mention the production; if the belt drive air compressor belt is broken, As long as you put on a new belt, the problem will be solved, the cost is not high, saving time and effort.

In fact, the new belt-driven air compressor and the direct-coupled air compressor are not much different in terms of efficiency. This requires the customer to use the air compressor for a period of time. Tight and tight, efficiency will go up again. As a qualified air compressor salesman, when recommending air compressors to users, these should be made clear to users of the advantages and disadvantages. Finally, let the customer decide what kind of air compressor should be selected. This is the most important

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