1. High-performance and high-efficiency Screw-type air compressor uses high-capacity compression components, which have low rotor outer circle speed and achieve optimal oil injection, achieving high efficiency and high reliability. Sex. By 2012, the manufacturer's design ensures that the system temperature and compressed air temperature are extremely low. Ensure that all components achieve optimum cooling and maximum service life. Drive concept: The screw air compressor drives the compression assembly at the optimum speed for the application through the high-efficiency drive system. No maintenance is required during normal operation. It has the advantages of maintenance-free, highly reliable and high efficiency. Second, screw air compressor low maintenance costs The original compressor design of the screw air compressor saves unnecessary maintenance costs. All of its components are designed for long life, and large inlet filters, oil filters and fine separators ensure optimum compressed air quality. All oil filters and separator components of all models up to 22 kW (30 hp) are centrifugally opened and closed, and their repair time is further reduced. Quickly arrive at the repair location so that repairs can be completed as quickly as possible, and downtime and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. Third, the internal settings of intelligent control In order to reduce the cost of operation, sophisticated operational control is indispensable. All screw compressors are equipped with intelligent control systems, and their control menus are easy to use.
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