First, the program security and reliability:

1. Screw air compressor station The low-pressure powder material conveying system adopts six layers of safety protection. The pressure of the whole pneumatic conveying system is constant and controllable. The safety protection pair consisting of pressure sensor and level gauge plus at least four mechanical pressure safety valves The system overpressures to automatically stop or release pressure. It can avoid safety accidents such as squib, explosion, and dust collector caused by overpressure;

2. The intelligent low-pressure powder conveying system of the screw air compressor station can carry out intelligent management of the feeding. When the operator connects the wrong feeding tube, the air compressor will not be able to run the starting and supplying air, which fundamentally solves the problem. Material problem.

Second, the program energy efficiency:

1. The system power 37KW can provide 10 cubic meters of compressed air per minute, and the transmission efficiency is 30%-50% higher than that of the original diesel vehicle system. Taking the 50T powder tanker as an example, the original 60-minute delivery time was compressed to the current 35 minutes. 2. The compressed gas outlet temperature output from the low-pressure dust conveying system of the screw air compressor station is reduced to the ambient temperature +10 degrees, which is far lower than the factory temperature of the cement. It can effectively prevent the mixing station from being continuous because the cement temperature in the warehouse is too high. Production problems.

Third, the program environmental protection:

1. When the system is working, the noise is reduced from the original 100 decibels to the extremely low 70 decibels. The unloading operation is no longer limited by time, and the unloading and unattended operation can be realized for 24 hours;

2. The electric drive replaces the diesel drive, and the powder tanker power is not used during the unloading process, which reduces the exhaust emissions of the diesel vehicle. Taking the 50T powder tanker as an example, the traditional dust conveying system transports 10-11 liters of fuel per vehicle, while the screw air compressor station intelligent low-pressure powder conveying system consumes about 30 degrees of electricity per vehicle, saving transportation. Cost is at least 60% or more; 

3. After the vehicle-mounted pneumatic device is transformed into an integrated external air source, each transport vehicle reduces its own weight by 2 tons, and also saves 2 tons of load fuel consumption and load space while saving tolls.