First, screw compressor Advantages of frequency conversion speed regulation:
(1) Air pressure stability: Because the frequency conversion screw compressor utilizes the stepless speed regulation characteristics of the frequency converter, through control The PID regulator inside the inverter or inverter can quickly adjust and control the pressure. Compared with the upper and lower limit switch control of the power frequency operation, the air pressure stability is exponentially improved. (2) More energy saving: although each The manufacturer's screw air compressor adopts different energy-saving operation modes, but the DSNEAIR variable-frequency screw compressor inverter adjusts the motor speed in real time according to the actual gas consumption. When the gas consumption is low, the air compressor can automatically sleep. Significantly reduce energy loss
(3) Start without impact: due to solid-state inverter screw air compressor The built-in frequency converter itself is a soft start device, the starting current is at the rated current About twice as much, the start-up impact is small compared to the power-frequency start-up, which is generally more than 6 times the rated current. This kind of impact is not only on the grid, but also on the impact of the speed of a mechanical system, but also greatly reduced.
(4) Low noise, due to the operating frequency less than the power frequency during stable operation, mechanical noise is reduced, mechanical wear is small
(5) The capacity of the gas storage tank is small
Second, DSNEAIR variable frequency screw compressor features: (1) Real power vector control inverter, which is characterized by low frequency starting torque and small running current (the same load and V/F control frequency conversion ratio) (2) When the air consumption is small, it can be dormant and completely stopped. There is no long-term low-frequency operation; not only achieve maximum energy saving, but also no heat at all. (3) When the air pressure is lower than the lower limit, it can be directly loaded and started without tripping. Advantages of good characteristics
III. Advantages of the inverter screw compressor: (1) More energy-saving, no unnecessary energy consumption process with long time minimum frequency operation (2) Automatic sleep and sleep wake-up function (3) Noise And mechanical wear is greatly reduced, motor life is long (4) Vector inverter also has output torque limit function, when the screw air compressor encounters external force stall, the inverter will automatically alarm and stop output, so as to avoid accidental expansion caused by more Big loss. The inverter of V/F is easy to cause accidents to expand.
Fourth, the reasons for purchasing the fixed-force screw-type air compressor: 1. Air compressor operating cost analysis (1) Energy cost 80% (2) Purchase cost Maintenance and maintenance 20% 2. Each reduction of the set pressure is 0.1MPa, about 5%-7% energy saving is equal to 8% of the increase of the exhaust gas. 3. The air compressor inlet air temperature is increased by 10 degrees Celsius, and the actual exhaust gas volume is reduced by 2%. -4% 4. The ambient temperature of the air compressor rises by 10 degrees Celsius, the energy consumption increases by 7%. 5. The motor temperature rises by 1 degree per liter, and the power consumption increases by about 4%. 6. The ineffective running time is equal to the energy saving. 7. The frequency conversion screw Air compressor power consumption is only about 20% of full load. 8. Frequency conversion screw compressor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which can achieve ideal power saving effect. 9. Regular maintenance, energy saving 10, leakage reduction can be Energy saving. Therefore, the high efficiency of the screw air compressor can effectively save operating costs, DSNEAIR variable frequency screw compressor is a very good choice! This article is edited by China DSNEAIR Compressor Manufactory ( Please indicate