1. Answer and deal with the crew's response to the recent operating conditions of the machine and the corresponding issues.

2. Check the air compressor system for water leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, and if necessary, stop maintenance.

3. Check whether the automatic drain of the air compressor, gas storage tank, dryer, and filter is properly drained. Visually check whether the water discharged is in a normal state. If there is blockage or oil flying, Then handle the closed parts;

4. Check the environmental temperature, ventilation and heat dissipation, and make suggestions for improvement if necessary;

5. Exhaust pressure check record; adjust pressure when needed Switch, voltage regulator, abnormal time system check and repair;

6. Exhaust gas temperature check record, clean the radiator when needed;

7. Run hours check record, confirm The number of hours of consumables used, and a regular consumable replacement plan;

8. Record the compressor head outlet temperature check, check the temperature control components and clean the radiator if necessary.

9. Record the oil tank pressure check and adjust the minimum pressure valve and replace if necessary.

10. Oil and gas separator, oil pressure and other differential pressure check; system inspection and repair during abnormal time, regular replacement.

11. Check the air filter condition check, clean; replace if necessary.

12. Regular inspection of oil level and oil quality; add and replace as needed.

13. Check and record the drive belt coupling, adjust and replace it regularly; adjust and return in case of sudden abnormality;

14. Oil system inspection and cleaning ;

15. Check the noise and vibration of the compressor body and motor; provide written treatment plan and recommendations when abnormal, and implement;

16. Cooling water pressure, inlet temperature, record In case of abnormality, check and clear the original;

17. Check and record the motor surface temperature and current; check and clear the original when abnormal;

18. External power supply voltage check record; p>

19. Visually check electrical distribution box electrical contacts, wire contacts, surface insulation inspection; if necessary, polish the contact test;

20. Clean the machine and pump room;

21. Evaporation of the dryer, condensing pressure check; adjustment and cleaning of the radiator when necessary, troubleshooting;

22. Perform necessary maintenance work according to the conditions of the inspection, After each work, fill in the work order to sign the person in charge and answer accordingly.