Before purchasing air compressors, each customer will select the air compressor according to the actual needs of their own factories, but some customers will encounter air compressors. The problem that the gas pressure does not reach the predetermined pressure, and which parameters are involved, I believe that many business owners do not understand.

Our sales staff of DSNEair air compressors will first ask you from your industry. For example, if you are in the textile industry, the air compressors you choose must be no. If the oil is chosen, it is estimated that the textile products produced by the textile equipment are defective. Next, the salesperson will definitely ask you how many kilowatts of air compressors, how many cubic meters, and how much air pressure you need. These are the main selection parameters. Only when you understand these, will you choose the most suitable air compressor.

Speaking of air compressor pressure, some customers still have this problem, that is, the exhaust pressure of the air compressor can not be used, and the following DSNEair air compressor professional The sales staff will explain the reasons and solutions for the exhaust pressure not reaching the predetermined pressure.

Reason: (1) Insufficient internal entanglement; (2) Inspiratory resistance is too large; (3) Excessive gas consumption is higher than gas production; (4) Pipeline Severe air leak; (5) Intake valve not fully open

Solution: (1 ) Carefully inspect the pipeline, tighten or replace the leak; (2) Leak out the main bleed solenoid valve and the cold start vent solenoid valve on the vent line Need to be replaced; (3) The air volume of the air compressor is less than the actual gas consumption. Check the connected equipment and pipe network. If there is any leak point, repair it in time. If the actual gas consumption under normal use conditions is greater than the gas production capacity of the air compressor, replace the large-size air compressor or increase the air compressor unit; (4) Set the pressure value of the unloading to make full use of the efficiency; (5) The intake valve is insensitive or not fully open, and the condition of the control system is checked and inspected.