Insufficient air volume:

1, the valve in the pipe is not open: Open the valve.

2, the suction pipe is not big enough or the fan air inlet is not installed with the variable interface: replace the suction pipe and install the variable interface.

3, belt slack: adjust the center distance of the pulley and tighten the belt.

4. The power supply voltage is low or reversed: check the power supply or replace the two-phase wiring.

5. The suction pipe is too long, the suction port is too much, too thin, and the head is changed. The air volume of the fan is too small. Replace the fan with a large amount of air.

6, the impeller is too much. Cleaning the impeller

7, excessive oil (water) in the lower part of the fan snail. Let go of the oil (water).

8, air leakage at the air duct connection. Seal the interface with structural glue or glue or glass glue.

Flame vibration is severe:

1, impeller deformation or imbalance. Replace the impeller.

2, the bearing is heavily worn and the impeller coaxiality deviation is too large. Replace the bearing and adjust the coaxiality.

3, the foundation bolt or fan joint is loose. Fasten the anchor screw connection.

4. The impeller positioning bolt or the pin wheel bolt is loose. Tighten the locating bolt or the pin wheel bolt.

5. The impeller is overpressured and there is too much dirt. Clean the impeller dust or debris.

6. When the impeller rotates, it will rub against the backlog or the casing. Adjust the clearance between the impeller and the casing.

The housing temperature is too high or leaking oil:

1, the grease is degraded or lacks oil. Clean the bearing to replace the grease.

2, the shaft and the bearing are not concentric, and the installation is skewed. Adjust the bearing to increase the coaxiality.

3, the bearing is seriously worn. Replace the bearing.

4, the water cooling system is not smooth or the water intake is too small. Clean the water pipe or increase the amount of water.

5, the housing is tilted or refueled too much. Correct the level and observe the oil hole.