The deactivation of

air compressor is common in all units. Then, before the initial start-up, the air compressor is parked for more than three months or the air compressor is deactivated for more than three months. Before starting the machine again, it is necessary to take effective measures. The professional air compressor personnel must first carry out maintenance inspection and safety. Measures to avoid bad conditions after starting up.
1, first check the circuit state, whether the power supply is normal, the voltage is stable; measure the insulation resistance of the motor, the value is greater than 1M & Omega;
2, check whether the air compressor parts contain water, dust, and clean up in time.
3, the air inlet, the air outlet is fully tested to prevent the phenomenon of blockage
4, in the above has been completed, you can turn on the power, check whether the computer controller is running normally
5 Replace the three filters and lubricants. Because in the long-term use, the three filters, the oil may be aging, resulting in air compressor start-up time is not long, that is, carbon deposits or blockage, the oil circuit is not smooth, the air compressor mainframe or other parts are damaged.
6, professional test machine, after the circuit transformation, manual control loading and unloading, first run no load for more than 10 minutes, check the indicators and vibration, noise and other normal, then load, check the operation of each component can be normal.