Screw air compressor There will be loud or small noise during operation. Where does this noise come from, and how can it be solved? Our DSNEair professional analysis is as follows:

Noise source:

Air compressors play an important role in production. But the air compressor is a strong noise device. The main sources of air compressor noise are the four parts of the air inlet, exhaust port and mechanical port electromagnetic port. The air compressor has a high noise level, a low frequency, a long transmission distance and a large pollution range. In particular, the frequency of some noise is close to the natural frequency of human internal organs, causing resonance, causing dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, etc., which not only leads to a decline in people's work and quality of life, but also is prone to safety. The accident and interpersonal relationship are contradictory. Therefore, controlling air compressor noise is not only an important issue of labor protection and environmental protection, but also an important issue for the sustainable and healthy development of production enterprises. Therefore, it is particularly important to reduce the noise and noise control of air compressors.


1. How to reduce the air inlet noise of the air compressor: Generally, the method of installing the muffler can be adopted. Since the noise of the air inlet of the air compressor is low frequency, a resistant muffler should be used.

2. How to reduce the noise of the air compressor exhaust port: The air compressor with high exhaust pressure and high flow rate has high exhaust noise, and the exhaust system needs to be equipped with a dedicated muffler for control. . The exhaust muffler requires a large amount of noise reduction, a wide muffling frequency band, a reduced pressure expansion capacity, and a reduction in the pressure drop of the exhaust air venting to reduce the exhaust air venting noise.

3. How to reduce the noise of the air compressor body: control the air noise and motor noise of the air compressor, and often use the sound insulation and sound absorption control technology. The measure is to install an acoustic enclosure or a soundproofing chamber to prevent the noise from spreading.

4. How to reduce the vibration noise of the air compressor body: the vibration of the air compressor must be controlled to control the vibration. The vibration of the air compressor is mainly through the foundation and the piping system. Transmission, vibration control is mainly to take vibration isolation control.