Compressor is a relatively sophisticated power machine that plays an important role in the production process. Therefore, the compressor should be carefully operated and carefully maintained to ensure safe operation. Compressors The duties of the operators include the following aspects: 1. The idea of ​​managing the machine for the revolution must be established, and all equipment must be carefully considered. 2. Familiar with the structure, function principle and performance of air compressor, master their safe operation rules and their auxiliary equipment. 3. Familiar with operation technology and safety technology, do a good job in equipment acceptance and preparation and parking before driving. 4. In the air compressor work should be done five times: (1) diligently look at the various indicators (such as pressure gauges, oil pressure gauges, oil gauges, etc.) and lubrication ( Such as oiler, fuel tank and lubrication point) and cooling water flow; (2) listening to the sound of the machine, you can often listen to the sound of the various sports parts (gas cutting, piston, crosshead crankshaft bearings, etc.) (3) Diligently touch the temperature changes of various parts such as: (intake, bearings, motors, cooling water, etc.) and the fastening of the parts; (but be sure to pay attention to safety, it is best to check the parking.) (4) Check whether the working condition of the whole machine and equipment is normal; (5) Adjust the operation of the compressor frequently (diligently adjust the air pressure and water temperature, and put the oil and water to keep the compressor in a normal condition). 5. Familiar with the air compressor fault phenomenon, the cause and the elimination method. If you find abnormal conditions, you should quickly find the cause and take measures to quickly eliminate the fault. 6. Responsible for filling in the machine operation record. 7. Seriously do a good job in the safety and health of the computer room, and do a good job in the handover work; non-unit staff are forbidden to enter the machine room.
8. Seriously do a good job in computer room equipment, raw materials, and auxiliary materials tools, building maintenance. 9. Efforts to improve the reliability of compressor operation and the supply of air volume to achieve safe operation.
Label [DSNEairscrew air compressoroperator's scope of duties]【screw air compressorOperator's job description】
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