In the case of ensuring the normal operation of the screw air compressor, it is also an essential part of the maintenance of the accessories. The precautions are as follows:

1. Lubricating oil is checked daily 2 The oil level must be kept between the two red lines or the red line of the oil sight glass.

2. The air compressor oil in the crankcase should be replaced regularly, and it should be replaced every 800 hours. The oil is made of screw air compressor.

3. The intake valve and exhaust valve should be cleaned regularly. The valve should be removed once a year to remove carbon deposits. The main engine should be fully maintained once a year to check the matching clearance of each main running component. If the wear is too large, it should be replaced.

4. The dirt in the gas storage tank should be regularly removed. At least once every 10 hours of operation, the sewage valve at the bottom of the gas storage tank should be opened, and the air compressor should be operated at a pressure of 0.2Mpa. Minutes with pressure discharge.

5. Check the reliability of the safety valve and the tightness of the V-belt once a month.

6. The air filter must be cleaned once a month.