1. Cold dryer What is the cause of excessive exhaust gas temperature? 1. The compressed air intake temperature is too high or the flow rate is too high. 2. The refrigeration system operating conditions change, causing the refrigerant evaporation temperature to rise. The compressed air can not be cooled enough in the evaporator. 3. The heat dissipation of the outer wall of the precooler pipe is too large. 2. What is the reason why the exhaust gas temperature is too low? 1. Precooler heat The exchange area is not enough and the evaporator refrigeration capacity is 2. The compressed air intake temperature is lower or the flow rate is too small. 3. The refrigeration system working conditions change, so that the refrigerant evaporation pressure is lower than the normal value. 3. How much is the refrigerant perfusion? What is the impact? 1. The refrigerant is too low, and the following phenomena occur in the cold-drying opportunity: (1) Evaporation pressure. The cold suspect pressure is lower than normal operation, but the air dew point cannot be lowered. (2) The compressor casing is hot. 2. The refrigerant is poured too much, and the cold-drying opportunity appears: (1) Because the refrigerant liquid is stored in the cold suspect, the cold suspect area is reduced, causing the cold suspect pressure to rise. Cause high voltage trip, (2) refrigeration compressor load increases, start up difficult, (3) refrigerant does not fully vaporize in the evaporator, so that wet steam enters the compressor, there is "liquid compression" danger, (4) due to The cold pressure increases, the compressor refrigeration capacity decreases, and the air dew point rises.
The size and quality of the air dryer have a significant role in the air quality in the air compression system. Therefore, the general screw air compressor will be equipped with gas storage. Tanks, dryers and filters, of course, if there is no requirement for the quality of the gas, it is not suitable, but it is better to have a gas tank (buffer tank)
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