Speaking of screw air compressor, I believe that everyone is familiar with it. Air compressor is one of the main mechanical power equipments in many industries. It is very necessary to keep the air compressor safely operated. The operating procedures of the press not only help to extend the service life of the air compressor, but also ensure the safety of the air compressor operator.

1. Before using the air compressor, It is necessary to do a good job in equipment inspection and electrical inspection, find problems and find hidden dangers, eliminate unsafe factors and prevent accidents.

2, the equipment must be responsible for the person, and the certificate is on duty.

3, must understand the structure, principle and performance of air compressors.

4. Follow the safe operating procedures for air compressors.

5. Focus on your work, and it is strictly forbidden to play.

6. It is strictly forbidden to operate beyond the performance of the equipment to prevent accidents.

7. It is strictly forbidden to carry out maintenance work during the mechanical operation.

8. During the operation of the mechanical equipment, if the working condition is found to be bad, it should be immediately stopped for inspection and repair.

9. After the operation is completed, the power must be turned off and the lock box must be locked.

10, strictly enforce the “Cross-Action Policy” to ensure that the machine is in good working condition.