The screw compressor of the screw air compressor is the heart of the entire air compressor unit. During the use of the air compressor, the screw main engine will inevitably wear out. This can avoid the wear of the screw main machine from the daily use and maintenance of the air compressor environment, air compressor parts such as air filters, lubricants, etc.

Air compressor use environment

When the air compressor is maintained in cement, mine, ship, metallurgy, ceramics, chemical fiber, etc., dust particles are large. In the harsh working environment, the air compressor is not able to wear due to the filtration accuracy.

Air Filter

Screw Air Compressor The accessory air filter achieves the purpose of filtering out dust in the air through various dust removal methods such as cyclone, oil bath, oil foam, oil film and filter screen. When the air filter is old, there is a blockage, etc., and it is not cleaned and replaced in time, the dust in the air will also wear on the host. In addition, if necessary, a chemical filter is required to remove corrosive gases from the air.


Lubricating oil is known as the machine "blood" ; can play the role of lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, reducing grinding, etc., when the viscosity of the lubricating oil does not meet the requirements, or the lubricating oil is used for too long, and the lubrication effect has not been achieved, The host will have some damage when it is working.

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