A. Volumetric Flow Volumetric flow is also known as displacement or nameplate flow in China. Generally speaking, under the required exhaust pressure, the volume of gas discharged by the air compressor per unit time is converted to the intake state, that is, the suction pressure at the first-stage intake nozzle and Volume value at inspiratory temperature and wetness. The unit is m3/min.
B. Exhaust pressure China air compressor The pressure referred to in the industry is the pressure we mentioned in our middle school. The pressure measured at zero atmospheric pressure is called gauge pressure. The pressure at zero absolute vacuum is called absolute
pressure. The exhaust pressure normally given on the compressor nameplate is the gauge pressure. The unit is MPa or bar. C. Gas oil content The mass of oil (including oil droplets, suspended particles, oil vapor) contained in compressed air per unit volume is converted to absolute pressure 0.1 MPa, temperature 20 ° C and relative humidity 65% ​​under standard atmospheric conditions. Br /> value in mg/m3.
D. PPM A symbol indicating the content of a trace substance in a mixture, which means the parts per million or parts per million (part weight ratio PPMw and volume ratio PPMv). Usually we call PPM as a weight ratio
. (1 part per million is milligrams) 1PPMw=1.2mg/m3 (PA=0.1MPa, t=20°C, φ=65%)
E. Dew point temperature Wet air is cooled under equal pressure, The temperature at which the unsaturated water vapor contained in the air is turned into saturated steam, or when the temperature of the air is lowered to the dew point, the saturated water vapor contained in the air is saturated (ie, The water vapor begins to liquefy and a liquid condenses out).
Compressor volume flow and the difference between the air consumption of the pneumatic components The volume flow of the compressor refers to the flow of free air, and the air consumption of the pneumatic component refers to the flow of air under compression. The conversion formula: Q from = Q pressure * & epsilon; m3 / min & epsilon; = P row (absolute pressure) / P suction (absolute pressure) = (P row (gauge pressure) + 1.033) / 1.033 = (P & rsquo; row ( Gauge)+0.1013)/0.1013 where P row (gauge pressure)-unit kg/cm2 P’ row (gauge pressure) - unit MPa noise and vibration have a great impact on the operator's body and mind, as well as the environment of the workshop and factory. If there is always a high decibel noise in the workshop, the workers at the production site will feel irritated and will inevitably affect production efficiency and quality. Moreover, the National Environmental Protection Agency has a control limit on production noise, and the selected compressor noise is too large to meet environmental standards. If the compressor purchased by the user is to be placed on the production site, try to choose a compressor with low noise index and good anti-vibration performance, for example: DSNEAIR air compressor.
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