Screw air compressor The biggest hazard of three-core overdue use may cause the host to lock up and shorten the life of the host. The specific hazards are as follows: 1. Air filter
◆The unit has insufficient exhaust capacity, which affects production;
◆The filter element resistance is too large, the unit energy consumption increases;
◆The actual compression ratio of the unit increases, the main load increases, and the service life decreases;
◆The damage of the filter element causes foreign matter to enter the host, and the host is locked or even scrapped.
2, Oil filter Long-term maintenance of the oil filter core:
◆Insufficient oil return, resulting in excessive exhaust temperature, shortening the service life of oil and oil core;
◆Insufficient lubrication of the main unit and severely shorten the life of the main unit;
◆After the filter element is damaged, the unfiltered oil containing a large amount of metal particles enters the main unit, causing serious damage to the main unit.
3, oil and gas separation core
◆ poor separation efficiency, resulting in increased fuel consumption, increased operating costs, and even lead to host failures in the absence of oil;
◆ The oil content of the compressed air outlet increases, which affects the operation of the back-end purification equipment, resulting in the gas equipment not working properly;
◆The resistance increases after plugging, resulting in an increase in the actual exhaust pressure of the unit and an increase in energy consumption;
◆ After the failure, the glass fiber material falls into the oil, resulting in shortened life of the oil filter and abnormal wear of the main engine. DSNEair air compressor reminds you not to let the three filters overload, please replace and clean the label in time [DSNEair screw air compressor three filter] [DSNEair screw air compressor oil core ][DSNEair screw air compressor air filter][DSNEair screw air compressor oil filter]Recommended product: 3 cubic screw air compressor > 6 cubic screw air compressor10 cubic screw air compressor