For decades, air compressors have been powering dynamic agricultural applications, helping to create new efficient transportation methods and farm maintenance. Compressors are used to inflate tires on tractors, ATVs and utility vehicles, and provide compressed air for pneumatic nail guns and nail guns.

In large-scale agricultural applications, compressed air is used for:
● inkjet. Compressed aerodynamics are used to spray spray guns in barns, farm sheds, fences and outbuildings. Use a spray gun to provide a uniform flow and smooth coating without adding time.

● Wastewater treatment. Some farms use low pressure blowers to process their wastewater on site to provide air for refilling their tanks. The re-aeration process helps the aerobic bacteria to produce enzymes that break down the waste.

● Transport materials. Compressed aerodynamic conveying systems are used to transport grains, powders and granules into silos for storage. Vacuum is also a safe alternative to moving dry goods in closed pipes without risk of contamination.

● Clean the production area. A compressed air based cleaning system is a quick and easy way to clean the barn open space and storage area.

● Power the pump. The pump can flow in compressed air rather than an electric pump that can fail during a storm.