First, the management of air compressors should be simple and easy to operate.
This should start from two aspects. One is that the operation of the Chinese air compressor itself is simple and simple, and the skill requirements of the operators are low. Second, the supply of compressors The gas control method is simple and easy to manage.
Second, the safety of compressor operation and operation
Air compressor is a pressure-operated machine, with a certain temperature rise and pressure when working, the safety of operation is very important. The state implements a standardized two-certificate system for the production of air compressors, and only manufacturers with China Air Compressor production licenses and pressure vessel production licenses (gas storage tanks) can carry out Production or assembly of compressor-related components. Therefore, when purchasing air compressor products, it is necessary to strictly examine the two certificates of air compressors.
Third, energy-saving requirements
Air compressor costs include
(1) air compressor purchase cost
(2) air compressor installation cost
(3 The operating cost of the air compressor
The composition ratio of the air compressors of different types is different. When selecting a compressor, the user should comprehensively compare the three costs of the selected compressor to select the compressor with the highest cost performance. Nowadays, many users have a wrong idea when purchasing air compressors. They think that screw air compressor is a general-purpose product, and the price is low or even a value orientation. However, many users found that after purchasing a low-cost air compressor, they often found that the chain was dropped when they were used. The price of each air compressor is closely related to its own brand, technology and after-sales service. Users are advised to consider quality and after-sales service.

Fourth, convenient for daily maintenance
1, the compressor should be easy to install
Considering the convenience of installation, there are mobile, portable, installation-free air pressure on the market. Machine, the selected compressor is small in size and light in weight, so it is easy to install. For gas units with narrow gas fields (for ships and vehicles), vertical compressors should be selected; for gas-use units with long-distance changes (more than 500 meters), mobile compressors should be considered.
2, the compressor is easy to maintain in the later stage, the cost is low
When selecting the compressor, the convenience of daily maintenance of the compressor and maintenance cost should be fully considered. Try to use consumable parts (mainly oil and filter elements) to replace compressors with long cycle times, strong versatility and long service life. V. Other requirements for mobile screw machine
Noise and vibration have a great impact on the operator's body and mind, as well as the environment of the workshop and factory, if the workshop is always very high decibel Noise, workers at the production site will be irritated and will inevitably affect production efficiency and quality. Moreover, the National Environmental Protection Agency has a control limit on production noise, and the selected compressor noise is too large to meet environmental standards. If the compressor purchased by the user is to be placed on the production site, the compressor with low noise index and good anti-vibration performance should be selected.
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