In industrial production and engineering construction, our common and commonly used air compressors are screw air compressors and piston air compressors. Today, China Air Compressor is a small series to briefly explain the internal structure of the piston air compressor and its working principle. Internal structure: DSNEAIR's piston air compressor is composed of compressor mainframe, cooling system, lubrication system, safety valve, regulating system, motor and control equipment and other air compressor equipment accessories. The airframe and motor of the air compressor are fastened to the base by bolts, and the base is fixed to the base by anchor bolts.

How it works:The working principle of different air compressors is of course similar, like screw air compressor, which we introduced in many articles before. How it works. When the piston air compressor is working, the motor directly drives the crankshaft through the coupling, drives the connecting rod, the crosshead and the piston rod, so that the piston reciprocates in the cylinder of the compressor to complete the processes of suction, compression and discharge. For example, A series piston air compressors in piston air compressors, B series piston air compressors, C series piston air compressors, D series piston air compressors and mine piston air compressors are double-acting compressors. Air is drawn in, compressed and discharged for upward and downward movement of the piston.

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