Screw air compressor is a volumetric gas compression machine with a working volume for rotary motion. The compression of the gas is achieved by a change in volume, which is achieved by a pair of rotors of the compressor being rotated in the casing.

Even if the product has been used for a long time, there will be some problems. The air compressor is no exception. The plugging of the screw air compressor is the most common problem we have encountered. Let me explain the reason. :

First, there is corrosive gas in the environment around the air compressor. If these other chemicals react with the oil, carbon deposits and sludge will appear.

Second, excessive moisture on the oil filter material causes the filter material to swell and shrink the micropores, so that the effective separation area of ​​the oil is reduced, resulting in an increase in oil resistance and clogging of the oil in advance.

Third, the material is unqualified, the oil filter, engine oil, etc. used are not qualified by itself, which of course will cause the jam of the screw air compressor.

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