Contaminants in the compressed air of the air compressor are brought in by the compressor to take in air and are concentrated during the compression process; or the compressed air is contaminated in the pipeline because the air temperature is too high or too low to be used. Contaminants in compressed air include vapors, liquids or solids. China Air Compressor The temperature of compressed air is also considered a pollution. The way in which different contaminants are removed is that the above contaminants must be removed before the compressed air is used. In addition, the moisture in the compressed air always adheres to the vapor state. It will not cause system problems. To get rid of all the water vapor in the compressed air is not only very noble. Moreover, it is impractical for most powder coating systems to allow the presence of water vapor in the compressed air. The key is to limit the water vapor content to the permissible range. Because the liquid water in the compressed air will cause a lot of coating problems. Screw air compressor liquid water. Therefore, it is necessary to use an air dryer to remove water vapor at any time. Removal of water vapor generally does not use separators, filters or extractors.
Air compressor drying process selection Air compressor is a widely used power source in the national economy. The water content of the air compressor is an important indicator to measure the quality of the air compressor. If the water content exceeds the process requirements. Serious will affect the normal production. It will bring a series of problems such as icing blockage in winter. Brief introduction of several processes 1Adsorption drying Working principle Adsorption drying is the adsorption of three kinds of drying methods by silica gel, activated alumina and molecular sieve to absorb the moisture in the air compressor. Air compressor The purpose of the adsorption drying method can make the dew point of the air compressor reach -20 ° C to 60 ° C. The adsorption drying of air compressor is a two-phase mass transfer process of solid and gas. The process consists of two parts, adsorption and regeneration. When fluids (including gases and liquids) are with solid particles. Especially when in contact with certain porous particles. Certain components of the fluid are enriched in the solid particles. This process of air compressor is called “adsorption process”. Adsorption is a mass transfer and enrichment process that occurs at a two-phase interface in a heterogeneous system, such as a gas-solid system. The adsorption process is divided into two modes: variable temperature adsorption and pressure swing adsorption.

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