Nowadays, there are many kinds of air compressors. How to choose the right model has become the most headache for many users. We will discuss how to choose empty from the following aspects. Press type.
1. Considering the energy consumption of operation Under the same exhaust pressure and exhaust volume, the piston type is more efficient than the separated type, and the general energy consumption is less than 1000 or even more. In the case of variable working conditions, the suction valve of the piston air compressor is opened, the air compressor only overcomes the resistance loss of the fully open intake valve and consumes work, and the economic performance is high; and the centrifugal air compressor adopts The gas throttling has a large throttling loss, and at the same time, if the airflow after the throttle valve cannot maintain a uniform flow field, the power consumption is further increased. 2. Considering the selection of multiple machines from series and parallels When the demand pressure is high or the displacement is large, the series and parallel relationship of the air compressor will occur. The series and parallel connection of the piston air compressor are simple and reliable, and the series and parallel connection of the centrifugal air compressor are quite complicated. For example, in the series connection of two centrifuges, if the opening degree of the valve in the pipeline is increased, the drag coefficient is lowered, which may cause the second air compressor to not be pressurized, sometimes even generating negative pressure, and in vain . Therefore, the series connection of the centrifuge is rarely used. When the two centrifuges are connected in parallel, they need to be well coordinated. For example, if two performance curves are the same, the two machines are connected in parallel. If there is a slight difference in the performance of the governor, one will work at 102% of the speed, and the other will work at 98%. There is a difference in the flow distribution of the press, which may cause the operating point of the air compressor with a low rotational speed to approach the surge limit and easily cause a malfunction. Therefore, the series and parallel connection of the centrifuge requires good coordination and reliable maintenance. 3. Considering the selection of equipment costs The piston type air compressor of the same working nature is much lower than the price of the centrifugal air compressor. 4. From the maintenance considerations, the piston type air compressor has many consumable parts, and its piston ring, packing, valve disc and spring have a short service life, especially the oil-free lubrication air compressor, and its life is shorter. Any failure will need to be replaced immediately. In addition to the shaft seal, the centrifugal air compressor is generally not easy to damage, and the maintenance period is long, which can realize continuous operation for a long time. In summary, the China Air Compressor Xiaobian feels that when the low pressure, large flow, and stable working conditions, a single centrifugal air compressor can meet the requirements, while the suction and exhaust pressures When the gas volume fluctuates greatly, or when the change is frequent, the piston air compressor should be selected. This article is edited by China DSNEAIR Compressor Manufactory ( Please indicate