Remember the application of permanent magnet materials in the air compressor industry, bringing us high efficiency and energy saving permanent magnet frequency converterair compressor ? In fact, the production of permanent magnet materials itself is inseparable from the appearance of air compressors.

This article takes an electromechanical technology enterprise as an example. This is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, production, sales and technical services of amorphous and nanocrystalline alloy strips and components. Products are widely used in the information communication and power electronics industries, promoting and achieving high-frequency, miniaturization and environmental protection of electronic products. The company is the leader in the airflow grinding industry for domestic rare earth permanent magnet materials such as iron and boron, and the air compressor is used for the air source of airflow grinding. In the previous air compressors, several different brands of air compressors were used. However, the strict control of national policies and the rising prices of rare earth materials have caused the pollution of the oil contained in the original fuel injection screw to become more and more prominent. Enterprises have brought two problems: First, the cost of wasted raw materials has risen, and secondly, the quality of finished products has directly declined. After realizing this, the company considered replacing the oil-injected screw air compressor with an oil-free air compressor to improve the airflow grinding grade to achieve the technical level of similar foreign equipment. Flow mill working principle diagram Airflow grinding process flow chart After re-selecting the more reliable oil-free screw air compressor, the company's oil-free screw is gradually increased from the initial purchase of 1-2 units per year to 3-5 units per year. Nowadays, it has reached the order of 5-9 oil-free screws per year! The air compressors were also upgraded from standard machines to nitrogen compressors. At present, the domestic airflow mill for rare earth permanent magnet industry is basically provided by the company and another company. In addition to the new production line with airflow mill, the airflow mill originally using the oil injection screw is gradually replaced by a new oil-free screw airflow mill. In order to improve quality and efficiency, the small line that used oil-free piston machines is gradually being merged into a large line using oil-free screws.