Every computer wants to have a Pentium-stable "core", and every semiconductor factory must have a stable and efficient aerodynamic system. The world's major CPU processor design manufacturers are rigorously choosing the best compressed air system solution providers.

In China, the first wafer fabrication facility was commissioned in Dalian in 2010, using three oil-free centrifugal air compressors to undertake the aerodynamic supply of the entire plant. In October 2015, we invested another US$5.5 billion to build a second-phase manufacturing plant in Dalian to produce the world's most advanced 3D XPoint non-volatile memory. This project is by far the largest investment in China and the only manufacturing facility in Asia. The new plant has designed a complete oil-free compressed air solution to meet extremely high stability requirements. The matching scheme of the design consists of 2 sets of 1250KW oil-free centrifugal air compressors and 2 sets of 900KW frequency conversion oil-free screw air compressors plus 3 superchargers. Air system. The stability requirements of the gas supply pressure in the semiconductor industry are strict. Some manufacturers will use multiple machines to maintain the state of the hot standby machine for a long time, ensuring that the pressure is stable without fluctuation and satisfying the needs of production gas. In this solution, the perfect combination of screw and centrifugal air compressor is adopted, and the booster is added to further ensure the stability of productivity under all circumstances and ensure the system is safe. The realization of such a set of high-stability compressed air systems, of course, is indispensable for the participation of the central controller. All of the above air compressors and booster units are connected by a central controller. The start, stop, load and unload of each equipment are distributed and controlled by intelligent data analysis results according to the pressure requirements of the pipeline network; the optimal air volume is selected. The combination provides a more precise pressure belt to deliver the required compressed air in the most efficient and stable manner and to reduce energy costs. Remote monitoring, in addition, transmits various operating parameters and information to the customer's monitoring terminal through the communication module, and finds the problem ahead of the parameter detection before the device fails, and makes a service response in advance. The site personnel sit in the control room. It is easy to manage the operation of multiple machines on the site of the Air Compressor. Just as this supplier is not only the processor manufacturer, but also brings people the most cutting-edge solutions for memory, software development, cloud computing and so on. Similarly, DSNEair is not just an air compressor supplier, we strive to provide air compressors, post-processing equipment, vacuum pumps for users in every industry. u>Systems, energy-saving pipelines and other complete air solutions, so that every user can get a stable and efficient air system experience is DSNEair's lasting vision.