Bao Si compressor is strong reduce market of car of new energy resources

As country energy-saving decrease a platoon, of policy of low carbon environmental protection come on stage, emerge as the times require of new power car. Pneumatics machine (brake pump) regard apply the brake as fragmentary crucial part, safe to the brake of new power car sex has main effect. Bao Si car uses screw constrictive machine, it is development of pump of stop a car of new power car only, course market survey and analyse, quantity body is custom-built, ensure each function agrees with constrictive machine the requirement that the car uses a product.

  1 function parameter

 2 fragmentary principles pursue


3 products check


Because the car uses the characteristic of the product, car use regulation and client all ask constrictive machine does tripartite to check, reason basis fulfils a requirement, bao Si car did IP67 in succession with constrictive machine waterproof experiment, microtherm experiment, high temperature experiment, lukewarm memory test lays on, dry and cold is handed in change experiment, oscillatory experiment, pound an experiment, saline mist experiment, electromagnetism is compatible (the experiment such as EMC) , the product passed test of tripartite test smoothly, obtained letter.

  tripartite of ▼ checks report certificate

Local test photograph

 4 products characteristic


1, sex of spare parts firm is tall, life is long;

2, spare parts pipeline is fragmentary use end panel sealed, exterminatory divulge;

3, complete lifecycle management, agree with a car to use the design level of the product;

4, oil path is fragmentary use next entering to go up a tectonic design, prevent condenser water to enter lead plane;

5, lukewarm charge a powerful person on airframe of compositive outfit park, ensure switch on the mobile phone in a moment oil path is fragmentary and removed the shortest;

6, type of an organic whole of bucket of airframe oil gas is tectonic, room of double take leave of of oil gas bucket is designed, effect of take leave of is good;

7, through severe tripartite test and road try, righter vehicle is applied with operating mode.

  5 complete lifecycle manage

Mature gradually as new motor vehicle, about the maintenance project of pump, cycle and capital raised taller requirement, each leader plant asks 8 years to be protected character mostly about pneumatics machine. The car keeps with the dimension of constrictive machine manage has not at machine of traditional industry pneumatics, its demand is higher, delivery cycle is short, echo rate is rapid wait. For this, bao Si car uses demand of market of constrictive machine basis, make a car manage surely with constrictive machine dimension especially, understand to be protected character period inside, be needed to maintain project, cycle and spare parts detail, let the understanding with leader plant and terminal clearer user, product dimension maintains management and lifecycle capital (LCC) . We not only offer better product, and offer better work for.

6 use categories


The car uses a category with constrictive machine secondary:

1, pure electric commercial vehicle

2, commercial vehicle of hydrogenous fuel cell

3, light course, cloud course

4, other is relevant category


Bao Si compressor is strong reduce market of car of new energy resources
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