For now, screw air compressor is indispensable for all major industries. I believe that in the future, screw air compressor will also be available in the market. A certain share. What are the benefits of air compressors in the industry? Please see below. . . .

Screw air compressor is widely used in mining, chemical, power, metallurgy, construction, machinery, refrigeration and other industries, and has gradually replaced in a wide range of capacity and working conditions. Other types of compressors. Statistics show that screw air compressor sales have accounted for more than 80% of volumetric compressor sales, and 50% of all running positive displacement compressors are screw air compressors. In the future, the market share of screw air compressors will continue to expand.

Twin screw air compressor Advantages:

1. High reliability

Spiral air compressor parts are few, no easy Damaged parts, so it runs reliably and has a long service life. The interval between overhauls can reach 40,000 to 80,000 hours.

2. Easy operation and maintenance

The screw air compressor has a high degree of automation, and the operator does not have to undergo long-term professional training to achieve unattended operation.

3. Adaptability

The screw air compressor has the characteristics of forced air transmission, and the volume flow is almost independent of the exhaust pressure, which can be kept high in a wide range. The efficiency is applicable to a variety of working fluids without any change in the structure of the compressor.

4. Power balance is good

The screw air compressor has no unbalanced force, the machine can tell the work smoothly, and it can realize no basic operation, especially suitable for use as a mobile compressor. Small size, light weight and less floor space.

5. Multi-phase mixed transport

The screw air compressor has a gap between the tooth flanks of the compressor, so it can withstand liquid impact and can be used to pump liquid gas and dust. Easy to polymerize gas, etc.