1.Screw air compressor In the abnormal situation, the oil loss will be too large. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Too much oil will cause excessive oil consumption. Keep the oil volume appropriate and keep the oil level within a reasonable range. 2. The oil temperature is too high. If the oil temperature is too high, the oil content in the air will increase, and the oil loss will be increased. The oil temperature should be controlled. 3. Oil quality The problem of the quality of the oil will increase its consumption. It is necessary to choose the oil with good quality and suitable model. 4. Damage to the tubing If the tubing is damaged or the oil separator is damaged, the oil will leak and increase the loss. Always check the components and replace the filter.
II.Mobile screw machine operation has certain technical characteristics, it needs to be operated and maintained by professionals. The precautions are as follows: 1. The non-reversible motor should rotate in the forward direction. Reverse rotation. 2. Use special oil Use special oil that matches the model of the machine. Different lubricants cannot be mixed. 3, can not be arbitrarily changed The components and systems of the air compressor can not be arbitrarily changed, so as not to affect the safety of its use. 4, the suction port is smooth In the operation process to ensure the smoothness of the suction port, can not be blocked. 5, the scope of use Air compressors must be used within the specified temperature and pressure range, can not exceed this condition. 6. Shutdown inspection If there is an abnormal situation in the work, it is necessary to stop the inspection in time to eliminate the fault.
III.China Air Compressor The oil filter is used to remove impurities from the oil, but sometimes some faults occur. The following checks are required: 1. Check the sound on the oil. The filtered sound is detected. If there is a large noise, it is necessary to stop the oil filter for maintenance. 2, check the impurities If the filter oil has accumulated a lot of impurities, use special syrup to clean the oil filter, or replace it regularly.
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