Now that industrial enterprises are developing at a high speed, screw air compressors are also widely used. Let's talk about some of the features of this device for your reference: First of all, such air compression equipment has the characteristics of high stability, low vibration and low noise, and its use efficiency is very high. The setting of his yin and yang rotor is very particular, and the perfect requirement can be achieved by setting the relevant indicators of the rotor and the outer casing, and the gas-related reflow aspect also has sufficient clearance. This structure makes his work efficiency more than normal. Other equipment. There is a kind of grease in the inside of this equipment. This grease has good sealing performance and also plays a role of cooling and corresponding lubrication during operation. Compared with the piston machine, this device greatly reduces the wearing parts, and the result is that the error rate of the fault is also reduced. The corresponding indicator curve for compression work is smooth, much better than the piston machine, such as small vibration. The cooling method of the equipment is generally the two common cooling methods of water cooling and air cooling. What is more prominent in the heat dissipation system is the use of high-quality materials, which can effectively dissipate heat and effectively dissipate heat for the cooler, and the anti-corrosion effect is also outstanding.
Screw Air compressor is also very effective in filtering air, such as no-load, heavy and multi-stage air treatment, it has good effect, dust removal The performance is also very prominent, and the service life of such equipment is quite high compared to other equivalent equipment or machines, which makes the advantages and trends of screw air compressor.

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