Two bosom friends inside constrictive machine industry, all course of study already passed 7 a period of ten years in one's age, acquaintance, intersect, the bosom friend is close half century, although live two ground, but the swan goose of a variety of means sends a book never successive. Mr J resides L to visit area of S city S, mr G is on area of B city D, abode all as small room also. Nevertheless, its feeling never by bedroom place arrest, the look is not far-sighted also, the idea is returned not ageing.

1. about unit of measurement

Mr G: Be on the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea bank the Qin Renxian of Dong Yi abuttals ancestor, be reached by change of attune of week the emperor Gansu ground, manage only the duty of steed of army of feed, breed. Qin Shi emperor is outstanding delegate of Qin Ren, it is the China, start person that also is task of standardization of whole world mankind. Of its concept lead extremely, happen directly by standardization task, the numerous side effect of immediate impact, beyond measure of it may be said, greatly decelerate the mankind is civilized history process, consecratory and distinguished.

Mr J: Such really! The 2000 many Qin Shi emperor year ago is having so advanced standardization concept, really mysterious! Unit of measurement is a of standardization important facet, its evolution course is endless and changeful, in be being amended before row. The Christian era before 1959, “ centimeter ” is in our country since length unit is quality unit, 1% regarding length unit as it is rice, be equal to together centimeter, as quality unit it is equal to one gram together however.

Mr G: Our country is in early 1961 already public proclamation abolished “ centimeter ” the unit of measurement with this one easy jumbly occasion. Misfortune and lamentable is, come when in former days, official sex, technical file, stereo media, masses TV, broadcast, the speech of personage of position of tall even learning, “ centimeter ” appears again and again unexpectedly.

Mr J: The use of unit of measurement, should standardize truly, answer to be paid attention to highly truly. Brother pays close attention to constrictive machine intimately ceaselessly for years / fan major is commonly used the innovation of the unit and its conversion, still plan painstakingly, compiled conversion of commonly used unit is pithy watch. This watch is not begged big, complete, and strive is contracted, applicable, what receive an unit to all be present odds highest or very tall person, careful of equivalent value already is various business accounting, consider, the number is repaired make an appointment with standardization, conversion precision satisfies engineering degree requirement. One of factories of dominant of constrictive machine industry of city of N of river bank of ground section chief glass of chief engineer desk board below, still pressing that unit conversion table ceaselessly (watch 1) ! Wish to should be expressed offer more to go to the lavatory for the new personality inside course of study.

2. hard a certain number of smooth shadow memoir of dismiss from one's mind

Mr J: In that fiery time, in the years that goes out enthusiasticly then, the generation of cultivate virgin soil of constrictive machine industry, exert one's utmost effort, went all out in work to give China with all one's strength the day of brand new hole of course of constrictive machine major and industry. The setting with fresh act of that one act, it is China affection carnal schoolbook, it is the crystallization that constrictive machine major has blind faith in technical sublimate, nix ashamed of the monument at the history praise!

Mr G: Without doubt, elder brother character is extremely! Our just as well passes through spatio-temporal channel, get with constrictive machine industry army academic mana people a certain number of smooth shadow memoir, will refract that paragraph of flowery China past.

Mr J: I still remember between May 1986, ministry of former mechanical industry is constrictive committee of machine major technology period of the 2nd annual meeting, a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale of Xuan of golden hill restaurant that investment of Singapore of Fuyou of climb a hill makes adjourn day committee members, look down at with Nanjing new market opening is the thing of 360° the appearance of a city of the center. Plant of former Nanjing constrictive engine does not have stannic person Ms. Hu Xiaoying child —— cameraman —— grows anxious camera with big shot, calm case the shallow laugh with the amiable person that Shi Huaxin teachs a division commander (graph 1) . Wow! Old learned man is like the look of fire, what transmission goes is composed, good-tempered, firm and persistent encyclopedical bosom ah!

Mr G: Fei Anshun's chief engineer of company of whole set of design of general and mechanical technology takes up the post of ministry of former mechanical industry the ministry of former mechanical industry of chairman committee member is constrictive committee of machine major technology, calculate really going up is ” of committee of “ stone door. The committee member of this committee, secretary, below door of teacher of stone of close half out, true pretty is interesting Oh! The first time annual meeting of committee is to was in what without stannum constrictive engine total plant holds in April 1985. Adjourn day films in temple of Suzhou cold hill have hand in reason of love of teachers and students of major of great constrictive opportunity to illuminate one frame (graph 2) . Will pursue today 2 compensatory introduce are as follows: Liu Dingbang (in front of is right 3, often hand in large mechanical department to learn to grow, plant of former Shanghai constrictive engine chief engineer) , Cai Bingwei (back row is right 1, handed in major of big internal-combustion engine to graduate 1956, ceng Zhi teachs constrictive machine major, former Liuzhou plant of engine of the 2nd pneumatics chief engineer) , of Yang Le (back row is right 2, piston is constrictive 1961 machine specialization graduates, university of the science and technology in Yuanhua is constrictive director of engine staff room) , Huang Yao square (back row is right 3, piston is constrictive 1961 machine specialization graduates, air of former the Changchun City is constrictive engine plant assistant chief engineer) , Wang Di is unripe (in front of is right 1, piston is constrictive 1961 machine specialization graduates, xi'an makes head of staff room of great former constrictive opportunity) , Zhao Yuxia (in front of is left 1, xi'an handed in big refrigeration major to graduate 1962, ministry of former mechanical industry is general and mechanical deputy director general of total bureau division of science and technology) , Xue Zhengxue (in front of is left 2, piston is constrictive 1962 machine specialization graduates, former Hefei is general and mechanical delibrate place assistant chief engineer)

Mr J: Respecting is expended always, he and I am in the banner, I am to set red flag forefathers, have not at often abandoning a gentleman below the red flag. Remember cost always staying in Beijing formerly east city assorted garden is taken. He was graduated from machinery of university of Tianjin the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning 1948 is, go to company of machinery of Shanghai China agriculture (manacle the plant of Qiu river machine first, the factory of Shanghai machine tool later) the task. Former 1956 after place of general and mechanical delibrate establishs ministry of the first mechanical industry, have successively held the posts of vice director of room of delibrate of constrictive machine refrigerator, place the nation machinery of assistant chief engineer, chief engineer and afterwards deploys group China current mechanism to be versed in chief engineer of Cheng head office waits for duty. Advocate caught 20 centuries azotic hydrogen mixes 60 time 6D32 4000kW enrage experiment of filling of test of stress of constrictive machine design, airframe, high pressure, 2D15 large ammonia is constrictive machine, medium or small refrigerator series design, and large decompose waste pipe of river of Suzhou of ammoniac plant whole set, Shanghai to manage form a complete set of first phase project waits integrated project a moment.

Mr G: Cost also always is mechanical ministry, general bureau ceaselessly old policy, project is joined high. So, cost always takes up the post of ministry of former mechanical industry committee of technology of constrictive machine major this one consult, chairman committee member that discusses an orgnaization, it is again appropriate did not pass. Committee comprised an unit to cover the countrywide key college that installs constrictive machine major, machinist trade affiliated to a ministry one, place of 2 kinds of delibrate, the constrictive mechanism of different type builds dominant business. Committee applies frequently specific aim survey, analysis, refer frequently straight from the shoulder analyse report and processing program proposal. True it may be said is what our country constrictive mechanism makes trade to revive reach science and technology to rise hold the rudder and do one's best!

Graph group photo of 3 Director Fei Anshun directors that are one's previous experience of old general place and the committee member that also are one's previous experience of old general place together, secretary.

Mr J: The ” of committee of “ stone door that people play weighs, be by no means exaggerate, however very apt ah. Just as well sees a picture 4, besides Mr Liu Dingbang, without the child that is not Shi Huaxin's teacher. Graph 4 in before did not allude have: Xie Changhao (in front of is left 1) , ever taught in constrictive engine staff room, allow not to have stannum when constrictive engine total plant chief engineer, assistant factory director; Pan Zukun (back row is left 1) , piston is constrictive 1964 machine specialization graduates, shenyang gas holds the post of when constrictive engine plant chief engineer, before retiring in all assist a ruler in governing a country 21 factory directors that machinist trade department belongs to constrictive engine plant all the time alone; Wu Fuxing (back row is right 1) , turbine type is constrictive machine specialization graduates, beijing holds the post of when factory director of the first general machinery plant.

Graph 5 in front of are right 3, it is former Shenyang gas constrictive engine plant chief engineer Mr Chen Keming, our country old generation is constrictive the delegate of mana of machine major technology. Chen Zong is graduated from machinery of former place university to fasten, family name of Hunan beneficial in relief person, 20 centuries the fifties later period, by Shanghai turbine the factory is acted according to transfer into former public-operated Shenyang air is constrictive engine plant. Besides the duty inside the factory, chen Zong N second enter capital, be constrictive machine industry and technology begin with one one's heart to endeavor, its are extensive and those who deepen is relevant knowledge, earn each homage. Administer or practice administer the design of sort of many serious and constrictive machine, development: First motivation that our country proper motion designs uses pneumatics machine ——4L-20/8 and L series, 4M12-45/210 semmetry is balanced model constrictive machine waits carbon dioxide a moment, and want technical economy target to all reach thing forefathers group next advanced level.

Mr G: From the back in photograph of a few frame, been brother seeinging the figure of Yu Yongzhang's teacher? Gloomy teacher body is lost found after the heavy burden of environment of Xi'an traffic university and chemical college, the activity that participates constrictive machine industry so is nominal nod less. 1991, former China current mechanism is constrictive machine guild visits assist fencing town in Hubei (city of this world showing assist) hold technical seminar, gloomy teacher gets the meeting that invite arrive and make learning report. Meantime, the 4 child happy get-together that gloomy teacher is returned and graduates 30 years (graph 6) .

Mr J: The body such as the teaching material of constrictive machine major of gloomy teacher compose, monograph, return chief editor major of many constrictive machine is large reference book, press of mechanical in October 2000 industry publishs " cubage type is constrictive machine technology manual " therefore among them one of. Graph 7 it is gloomy teacher in the first time go over a manuscript or draft on the meeting.

Mr J: 2006, hand in big 110 years of anniversary of the founding of a school and course of constrictive machine major found 50 weeks of age miss mobile period, constrictive engine staff room is all previous hold the position of rich of person, senior professor to guide, in the youth teachs to know high, with this major that comes from all over the country many graduate happilies gather under the same roof, be in harmony of its Le Rong! Friendship of teachers and students is thick at blood ah! (graph 8, graph 9) .

Of course, teachers of constrictive machine major are mixed the students that have pupils everywhere, cannot also all through the ages never dismiss from one's mind, the Shi Huaxin of originator of cut into a mountain's teacher when newly established of constrictive machine major waits for patriarch class teachers! (graph 10)

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