Screw air compressor The reason and method of cooler cleaning is scale. It is caused by some substances in the water when the temperature changes. If it is not treated, it will affect the normal heat transfer effect and reduce it. The quality and total amount of compressed gas. Therefore, a detailed cleaning plan should be developed: The environment in which the screw air compressor is used is very important. A detailed understanding of the water quality should be made first, because the speed of scale formation varies greatly in different regions. The time interval is based on the basis, as long as the normal cooling can be guaranteed. The reason for the cooler cleaning is these, the reason is very simple, the key is how to take the correct method to deal with, the current two are: use gauze or other tools to wash; use chemical solvents for intrusion. For the former, the surface that is easy to remove, if it is more serious, still has to have a soluble product. In order to improve the effect, you can first look for a good cleaning agent, because there are many products on the market, but not all of them are suitable. The premise is that you can't damage the parts, consider the problem of corrosion, and wash them with clean water many times after the end to avoid leaving. It is the purpose of always improving the life of the equipment, and any part of the equipment should be properly arranged for testing and maintenance. Screw type Air compressor The reason and method of cooler cleaning are determined according to the situation on site, and strive to be used stably.
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