While manufacturers using air compressors often encounter the trouble of air compressor oil leakage. The oil system of the screw air compressor is very tightly sealed. Under normal circumstances, oil leakage will not occur, but when maintenance is not timely or Oil leakage may occur when an accident occurs during operation. There are many reasons for air compressor oil leakage. The technical staff of DSNEair air compressor manufacturer will share with you the various reasons and solutions for air compressor oil leakage. I hope to solve the troubles of our customers:

Air compressor leakage cause:

1. The air compressor head joint surface leaks, the inlet pipe and the return pipe joint are loose;

2. Casting and machining defects can also cause oil leakage in the air compressor;

3. The belt is too tightly installed during the installation of the air compressor, causing the bearing to wear;

4. The oil seal is detached and the oil seal is leaking oil;

5. The loose spindle causes the oil seal to leak oil.

Air compressor oil leakage solution:

1. Check and readjust the belt tension of the air compressor head, press the thumb 10 Mm is suitable, too large or too small to be adjusted, this is the most easily overlooked, so you should pay attention to the factory;

2. Check the defects caused by the casting or processing of the air compressor box (Whether the oil return hole in the cabinet installation is unblocked) Repair or replace the defective parts to see if they are severely impacted, etc.

3. Check the oil seal of the air compressor to check if the oil seal is cracked. Whether the lip is cracked or cuffed. If one of the above conditions needs to be replaced; check whether the oil seal and the spindle joint surface are scratched or defective, and there should be replacement for scratches and defects; also, check whether the oil return is unblocked, and the oil return is not smooth, so that the crankcase pressure is too high. If the oil seal leaks or falls off, the minimum pipe diameter of the oil return pipe must be ensured, and the oil pipe is not twisted, and the oil is not bent. The oil return is smooth; the oil seal is checked, and the size of the tank is matched, and the standard is not replaced.

4. Always check the oil level of the engine oil. If there are too many impurities in the oil, there is alloy powder and metal iron filings. To replace the new oil completely, the oil grade and quality should be in accordance with the season requirements. Temporary unused oil seals should be kept in a safe place to prevent oil, dust or sun exposure;

5. Move the spindle to check if the neck clearance is too large. If the clearance is too large, replace the bearing bush and oil seal.