DSNEair after-sales service department combined with years of experience to summarize the reasons and solutions for excessive oil content in the air compressor outlet, if the content is as follows:
screw air compressor outlet oil content is too high:
1. Oil and gas separator rupture.
2. The oil level is too high.
3. The return pipe is blocked.
4. The nozzle of the oil return port is blocked.
5. When the pressure is set below 60 PSI.
6. Pressure maintenance valve damage
7. Low exhaust pressure
8. Too much lubricating oil foam
Screw air compressor outlet oil content is too high Treatment method:
1. Replace the new oil separator
2. The normal oil level should be in the green or orange area of ​​the oil mark
3. Remove the oil return pipe and maintain it
4. Spray the oil return port Small mouth re-boring
5. It is recommended that the customer adjust the pressure upwards
6. Repair or replace the pressure valve

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