1. There is no display on the panel of the freeze dryer, and the indicator light is off.

Check if the power is normal and there is no voltage input. Check for and repair the wire connection. Check the control circuit board for voltage input. If the indicator of the voltage input control panel is still not lit, then the circuit board fault needs to be replaced. If there is no voltage input, check the external power supply terminal.

Second, power transmission, the power indicator does not light, the machine can not be carried out after pressing the start?

When the boot is turned on, the running indicator on the panel is lit. If the running light is on, the control system is not faulty. If there is no voltage input, you need to check the capacitance and contactor inside the wire box inside the machine.

3. The freeze dryer is operating normally but still contains water at the gas end?

1. The freezer of the freeze dryer is not regularly drained;

2. The air flow is too large, and the customer's gas consumption suddenly increases;

3. Freezing There is a wrong pipeline after the dryer, there are too many U-bends;

4. The freeze dryer is not equipped with a precision filter or the filter fails;

5. The water has not been discharged for a long time;

6. The pre-cooler is pre-cooled, the copper tube of the heat exchanger is broken;

7. The bypass pipe leaks;

8 The compressor is aging.

Four, the dryer can not start?

Press the AC contactor. If you can't start it, there are three possibilities.

1. If the circuit board is faulty, short the second and third boards of the board. If the short circuit can be started, it is the fault of the circuit board;

2. Thermal protector overload protection;

3. Compressor failure.