China Air Compressor The company believes that waste air compressor oil should be recycled. The use of waste air compressor oil can be used as a separating agent for building formwork. It can make waterproof coatings, can refine diesel oil, and can be restored. High quality oil, can refine high-definition gasoline, diesel and so on.
The most direct use is to use it as a cleaning agent for air compressor oil systems. The method is to concentrate them and then add a dispersing agent. After replacing the air compressor oil, add the air compressor oil system, and release it after a certain period of time. Finally, the air compressor oil is added for normal use.
China is an oil-poor country, most of its petroleum products need to be imported, and now the country is promoting the creation of a conservation-oriented society. Waste screw air compressor oil recycling, not only can eliminate environmental pollution, but also save resources for enterprises and countries.

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