Friends who often sell air compressors generally know the maintenance method of screw air compressors. Why should we clean them? What effect will it have when cleaning? Let's take a look at the small series of China Air Compressor and slowly say:

Specific cleaning steps:

1, Start the screw air compressor. After 10 minutes of normal operation, wait until the oil temperature reaches 30 degrees and then turn it off.

2, Stop the rotation completely and open the pressure relief valve This is for the technician to protect

3, 4, Restart, wait for 30 minutes or so.

5, Stop the air compressor, wait for it to cool After that, re-add the lubricant.

This is a basic cleaning method for screw air compressor, I hope to help everyone. So many friends will ask what is the benefit of cleaning? The reason is that screw air compressor has been used for a long time, and there will be oil stains, carbon deposits, sediments and rust inside. In addition, screw air compressors with different brand oils will also have asphalt-like black gel. It is necessary to use cleaning agents regularly to clean the inside of the machine head, paint bucket, radiator and tubing. Thereby eliminating security risks. This is also a guarantee and maintenance for daily work.

The above is the cleaning method provided by DSNEAIR Xiaobian. Everything needs to be sustained and will have an effect.

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