With the increasingly close cooperation between China's industrial production and environmental protection systems, the China Air Compressor industry has gradually seen great value in energy conservation and consumption reduction. Recently, the country introduced the air compressor industry. “The new national standard” has made the industry's development trend have a stable operating environment. The research and development of variable frequency air compressors and high-efficiency energy-saving air compressors have promoted the green development of the industry, bringing the needs of environmental protection industry and industrial production to be combined more quickly. Screw air compressor, variable frequency air compressor, high efficiency and energy saving air compressor will bring great value to users. In the widely used inverter air compressors, the industry's energy saving trend has become more significant. The variable frequency air compressor can freely adjust the speed of the air compressor, and can keep the air compressor stable and sufficient according to the trend of the pipe network pressure up and down, and reduce the power loss caused by the upward fluctuation of the pressure, eliminating the air compressor. Unloading the operation greatly saves energy.
When the air compressor industry subsidizes at different levels of energy efficiency, its market drivers will be clearly demonstrated and become an important driving force for the development of the industry. The energy conservation policy will produce good social effects, which will enable China's air compressor industry to accumulate greater development potential, make the development layout more reasonable, and maintain a stable and stable economic situation.

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