Analysis of the cause of excessive oil temperature in screw air compressor
1. Reason for low oil temperature

The temperature of the air compressor oil (lubricating oil) is lower than 22 °C at rest. There are not many factors that cause the oil temperature to be too low, mainly because the air temperature is too low or the viscosity of the air compressor oil itself is too high, the number of open equipment is small, and the outlet pressure is low, so that the air compressor oil (lubricating oil) cannot be obtained. Take advantage of.
2, the cause of excessive oil temperature

There are many factors that cause excessive oil temperature, and mainly occur in summer. The main factors are: the temperature is too high; the temperature of the circulating cooling water is high or there is a blockage of the cooler; the outlet pressure is too high.
Control method for oil temperature
China Air Compressor Control method for low oil temperature: low oil temperature Or long-term constant, it is easy to increase the friction of the transmission parts, and sometimes screams, so that the equipment is not fully lubricated, causing damage to the equipment. The oil temperature is too low mainly in the winter. The main methods available are:
1. Strengthen the sealing and heating and insulation of the plant, and control the flow of circulating water to 1/3 of the original. The cooling effect of the oil cooler is lowered and the oil temperature is increased.
2, keep 1 to 2 compressors running continuously for more than 3 days. The oil temperature naturally rises by mechanical friction.

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