1, no horn installation method

According to China Air Compressor Xiaobian, the processing and correction of the horn , calibration and adjustment have taken up a considerable amount of time, and the installation error is also very large, and no horn installation, to overcome the above shortcomings, it is used:
1 adjustment screw
2 special tools Jack
3 Positioning nuts for mounting and calibration.
2. Jack Installation Method
Most of the jacks are spiral, hydraulic and wedge-type. When it is difficult to use the adjusting screw, the jack method can be used. The method is basically the same as before, the center is fixed first, and then the height and level are adjusted by the jack.
1 jack spacing is usually 500 ~ 700mm, placed on the basis, and the water level gauge is roughly adjusted, the screw air compressor body is placed on the jack, carefully adjusted to the level, Use a feeler gauge to check the tightness of the fit.
2 In the grouting, the jacks need to be separated by a template or linoleum paper. After 24 hours of grouting, the jacks are removed and the concrete is filled.

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