I. Adjustment of the pressure scheduler The unloading pressure scheduler is adjusted by the above scheduling bolts, the bolt is rotated clockwise, the unloading pressure is advanced, and the unloading pressure is counterclockwise. The differential pressure is adjusted with the differential knob at the bottom, and it rotates counterclockwise. China Air Compressor The pressure difference is reduced, clockwise rotation, and the pressure difference increases. The minimum differential pressure is recommended to be 0.06 MPa and the adjustment plan is 0.06 to 0.25 MPa. Second, the operation of the air filter The dust in the intake air is blocked in the filter, in order to prevent the compressor from being prematurely worn and the oil separator is blocked, usually after one year of work, the filter element is replaced. In dusty areas, the replacement time distance should be shortened. It is necessary to stop the filter when it is repaired. In order to reduce the parking time, it is recommended to replace it with a new or cleaned spare filter. The process of cleaning the filter is as follows: 1. Tap the end faces of the filter against a flat surface, screw air compressor to remove most of the heavy dry sand. 2. Use a monotonous air of less than 0.28 MPa to blow in the opposite direction to the suction air. The nozzle is 25 mm less apart from the folded paper and blows up and down along its length. 3. Assume that there is grease on the filter element, it should be washed in warm water with no foaming detergent. At least the filter element should be immersed in this warm water for 15 minutes, and rinsed with dry water in the hose. Do not use heating to accelerate it. Monotonous, one filter can be washed 5 times, then lost and can not be reused. 4. Put a light in the filter to check. If it is found to be thin, screw air compressor pinhole or damaged local should be discarded. Third, the cooling of the cooler In the tube of the cooler, the external surface should be kept separate to keep cleaning, otherwise the cooling effect will be reduced, so it should be cleaned according to working conditions and timing. IV. Notes on gas storage tanks/oil separators The gas storage tanks/oil separators are produced and inspected according to the pressure vessel standards and shall not be modified at will. 5. Importance of safety valve The safety valve installed on the gas storage tank/oil separator should be inspected at least once a year. The safety valve should be adjusted by professional personnel. At least once every three months, the lever should be loosened once to make the valve turn. Open and close once to ensure that the safety valve works properly. The inspection process is as follows: 1. Close the air supply valve 2. Switch on the water source 3. Engine group 4. While checking the working pressure, slowly rotate the scheduling bolt of the pressure scheduler clockwise, when the pressure reaches the regular value, the safety valve It has to be adjusted if it has not been opened or has been opened before the rule value has been turned. The adjustment process is as follows (1). Remove the cap and seal (2). Assuming the valve is opened too early, loosen the lock nut and tighten the set bolt a half turn, assuming the valve is too late, release the lock Edited by China DSNEAIR Compressor Manufactory (https://air-compressor.net), please specify