I believe that many manufacturers have encountered motor failures during the process of using screw air compressor. The following are the professionals of DSNEair air compressor to solve your problems. Trouble, explain the causes and treatments of the screw air compressor failure:

1: Short circuit caused by metal impurities

Motor in the winding during manufacturing The impurities left or trapped may cause short-circuiting of these impurities and the winding enameled wire due to the normal vibration of the compressor during operation or the electromagnetic force of the winding. Contact the motor manufacturer and check for repairs after consultation.

Two: The air output temperature is too high

1. Reduce the air inlet temperature of the screw air compressor, increase the ventilation of the air compressor room, in the room The roof and exhaust hood are used to remove hot air and the indoor temperature should not be too high. In summer, the temperature of the air compressor room should not exceed 40 °C.

2. Reduce the input temperature of the cooling water. The water temperature in winter is kept at 18 °C, and the water temperature in summer is kept at 24 °C.

3. Increasing the flow rate of the cooling water, it is estimated that the cooling water input temperature and the output temperature difference are 15 ° C, and the cooling water flow rate is 3.7 liter / sec.

4. Clean the scale or dirty sediment in the cooling water, add detergent to the cooling water, and dredge the cooling water system.

3: AC contactor problem

1. The contactor or contactor is not properly selected according to the load of the motor. The AC contactor must be able to withstand the most demanding conditions, such as continuous overloading, withstand the motor betting current and 80% of the nameplate voltage to avoid abnormal loads and large currents during betting that may cause soldering of the main contacts of the AC contactor.

2. The AC contactor coil voltage or power supply capacity is insufficient, causing the suction to be false.

4: Screw air compressor frequently burns the motor

screw air compressor During the use, the main motor burns frequently during a period of time, mainly The reason is that every thing has its maximum working pressure, and beyond this working pressure and long-term operation, long-term overload operation will cause the air compressor motor to overheat and burn the motor.

Five: Motor The broom (fixed, rotor core phase friction) current exceeds the rated value, and the motor temperature rise exceeds the rated temperature rise.

The bearing lacks oil dry grinding or the rotor machinery is not concentric, resulting in the motor rotor broom, so that the motor current exceeds the rated value, first check the bearing wear In case, if it is unqualified, replace the new bearing, then clean the bearing and inject a proper amount of grease, and then check the motor end cover. If the center hole of the end cap is worn out due to wear, the end cap should be treated or replaced.