Air compressor There are two kinds of faults in the burning tile. The causes and troubleshooting methods are as follows: ◆ Fault phenomenon: 1. The belt drive air compressor is locked. 2. The air compressor of the gear transmission is abnormally loose. ◆Cause of failure: 1. Deterioration of lubricating oil or excessive impurities. 2. Insufficient oil supply or no oil supply.
3, the bearing displacement makes the air compressor internal oil circuit block. 4. The bearing bush of the bearing bush and the connecting rod are too small. ◆Damage judgment and troubleshooting method: 1. Check the oil quality and impurity content of the lubricating oil, and compare with the use standard, it should be replaced immediately when the standard exceeds the standard. 2. Check the air compressor oil inlet pressure, oil pipeline damage, blockage, insufficient pressure should immediately adjust, clean or replace the failed pipeline. 3. Check the installation position of the bearing bush. The oil hole of the bearing bush must be aligned with the oil hole of the casing. 4. Check whether the bearing bush or connecting rod is burnt or strained. Check whether the crankshaft diameter is damaged or worn when cleaning and replacing the tile. Replace it when it exceeds the standard. 5. Check and adjust the bearing bush clearance.
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