Spiral air compressorCompared with the advantages and disadvantages of piston air compressor
Piston air compressor advantages:
1, intake, exhaust Gas pressure covers a wide range.
2, the air volume coverage is also quite extensive.
3, in the field of small air volume, high pressure applications, reciprocating air compressor can be used as a supercharger
4., air tightness is quite good, so it is also suitable for special air or nitrogen gas.
5. High-strength rotor, low speed, rugged and durable, low failure rate for continuous use.
6, each multi-cylinder double-acting multi-stage throttle control is quite significant.
Piston air compressor Disadvantages:
1, pressure instability, the degree of automation bottom
piston air compressor is reciprocating intermittent air supply, running air pulsation, piston air compressor The degree of automation is low, there is basically no automatic control system, and the adjustment of the output pressure is realized by the control of the loading and unloading valve and the regulating valve. The adjustment speed is slow, the fluctuation is large, the precision is low, and the output pressure is unstable.
2, equipment maintenance is large
air compressor power frequency starting current is large, up to 5 ~ 8 times rated current, the working mode determines the reloading valve must repeat the action, the parts are easy to aging, power frequency high-speed operation The bearing wears large and the equipment maintenance is large.
3, poor operational reliability
piston air compressor has air valve, piston, piston ring, connecting rod and other wearing parts, the reliability of continuous operation is poor, on the one hand will affect production, another Aspects will increase the cost of maintenance management.
4, the economical operation is low
Compared with the screw air compressor, the piston air compressor has low efficiency, especially long-term continuous operation, and its economy is even worse. Since many of the compression chambers formed by the piston air compressor are wearing parts, the wear and damage of these wearing parts will cause a larger leakage when the gas is compressed, and finally the compressor efficiency is lowered.
5, the noise is large
piston air compressor is a reciprocating motion mechanism, there is an inevitable inertial force, so the vibration during operation is large, the noise is high, when the larger piston air compressor is installed A special fixed foundation is required.

Screw air compressorAdvantages:
1. Low starting current, no impact on the grid
Inverter can make motor The current during starting and loading rises gently without any impact; the motor can be soft-stopped to avoid the damage caused by the reverse current, which is beneficial to extend the service life of the equipment;
2, the output pressure is stable
screw The compressor has high speed, stable gas transmission and no airflow pulsation, which can meet the needs of users with higher air volume. After adopting the frequency conversion control system, the pressure of the gas in the gas supply pipeline can be monitored in real time, the pressure of the gas in the gas supply pipeline is kept constant, and the production efficiency and product quality are improved;
3. The equipment maintenance amount is small
The air compressor has a small starting current, less than 2 times the rated current, and the unloading valve does not need to be repeatedly operated. The variable frequency air compressor automatically adjusts the motor speed according to the gas consumption, the running frequency is low, the speed is slow, the bearing wear is small, the service life is prolonged, and the maintenance is maintained. The workload is getting smaller.
4, low noise < screw screw air compressor is a rotary motion mechanism, the balance is very good, its vibration is small, low noise, no need to install the foundation, but also avoid the pollution of the working environment. The frequency conversion needs energy according to the gas demand. There is not much energy loss, the motor running frequency is low, and the mechanical turning noise is therefore small. Because the frequency conversion is to adjust the motor speed, there is no need to repeatedly load and unload, and the noise of frequent loading and unloading is gone. The noise caused by continuous pressurization and unstable air pressure also disappeared.
5, high economical long-term operation
Because there is no wearing parts in the screw compressor that affect the efficiency of the machine, the pair of rotors that are compressed will not wear due to their own structural characteristics. Therefore, the long-term continuous operation is far superior to the piston air compressor.
6, high degree of automation, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, no installation basis
screw compressor has a complete automatic control and protection system, is a mechatronics product, convenient equipment maintenance and management, while It also minimizes energy consumption. The screw air compressor is a highly concentrated product with a large overall structure. It has a small footprint and does not have a complicated piping system of the piston air compressor, which can beautify the company's production environment.
Screw air compressor Disadvantages:
1. There must be a gap between the male and female screws, resulting in air tightness is not as good as the piston machine.
2. The air compressor body is generally guaranteed for 5 years. The technology of replacing the air compressor body is often retained by the original manufacturer. Therefore, the cost of replacing the entire air compressor body will generally exceed the cost of purchasing the new machine. to make. However, with the continuous improvement of air compressor screw technology, DSNEair customer air compressor mainframe has basically been used for more than 10 years.
3. Long-term shutdown after long-term operation, the rotor in the air compressor body is stuck. However, this problem can be neglected, as long as regular maintenance is done without problems.

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