Complete replacement of GHH oil-free main engine series--China Air Compressor is established in Fengxian, Jiangsu Province: Air Compressor (Jiangsu) is mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of dry oil-free twin-screw air compressor main engine and complete machine. It can completely replace GHH-RAND oil-free host series products. After 15 years of technical accumulation and breakthroughs in technology in Fengxian, Jiangsu Province, last October, the dry oil-free twin-screw air compressor mainframe that broke the foreign monopoly was produced in Dsneair. The workshop is finalized. The main product not only has the product stability up to the standard of imported equipment, but the product performance is 5% higher than that of the foreign first-line brand, and the sales price is only about half of that of foreign equivalent power equipment, which has great market prospects.

Air Compressor (Jiangsu) has released a dry oil-free screw air compressor with a power of 75KW--355kW, a displacement of 10-64m3/min and a discharge pressure of 0.2-1.3MPa. The machine adopts permanent magnet frequency conversion vector control, which conforms to the definition of “0” class of compressed air oil content (suspended oil particles, gaseous oil, liquid) in ISO8573-1:2001 “Compressed Air: Contaminant Purification Level”.