The oil-free blower of the screw: the displacement is 239~8605m3/hr, the exhaust pressure is 0.3~1.2Bar, and the energy saving is more than 35%...

1, high stability, continuous operation for 24 hours;

2, based on internal compression, compared to the Roots blower, the host energy saving;

3. High-efficiency frequency conversion energy saving, system optimization and energy saving;

4, graphic touch screen control, providing remote operation, online and a variety of protection functions;

5. High-efficiency oil-free screw rotor type line, effectively reducing fluid power loss and improving efficiency;

6. The silencer is matched with the low noise type wire head to realize low noise production space;

7, the control system is perfect, can achieve unattended and remote control;

8, three-year host warranty, one year warranty?

9. Compared with the traditional Roots blower, the energy consumption is greatly reduced after ≥0.5BAR pressure;

10. The pressure difference between the head exhaust pressure and the exhaust pipe is less, and the noise is low;

11. Special treatment of high-strength alloy steel, the main machine is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and has a longer life;

12. Control system, 24-hour warning notice, providing remote operation support;

13. The pressure difference between the exhaust pressure of the machine head and the exhaust pipe is less, and the noise is low;

14. It is applied to processes such as sewage aeration, gas-water recoil, oxidative desulfurization, fluidization/homogenization process;

Can be environmentally friendly: a 37KW screw blower is compared with the conventional Roots blower. The actual data is spoken: the screw blower motor power is 37KW, the calibration air volume is 23.82 cubic meters per minute, the annual full load is 8000 hours, and the power consumption is 296,000 degrees. The ordinary Roots blower motor power is 55KW, the calibration air volume is 24.04 cubic meters per minute, the annual full load is 8000 hours, the power consumption is 440000 degrees, the annual power saving is 144000 degrees, and the energy consumption cost is 115200 yuan.

Energy consumption advantage: Based on the internal compression characteristics of the screw rotor, the oil-free screw blower compared with the traditional Roots blower, the energy consumption is reduced by about 25% from 0.5BAR pressure, and the energy consumption is reduced by about 35% under the pressure of ≥0.8BAR.

Technical advantages: Independent R&D team, with independent technology, can independently research the core host, the quality is more solid, and the after-sales has more advantages. The localized products are more suitable for the domestic high temperature difference, dusty, high humidity climate environment.

Motor: high efficiency motor, large starting torque; specially designed according to the performance curve of the blower to improve efficiency and reduce specific power. The motor can run for a long time at 55 °C, and the protection grade is IP54.

Intake filter: Intake filter accuracy can reach 15um, pressure loss does not exceed 500Pa, clean intake, low pressure drop, high efficiency, intake sound design, auxiliary sound enclosure, lower noise.

Lubricating oil pump/tank/cooling system: Forced lubrication system, active heat dissipation, providing a stable host operating environment to ensure more stable and reliable operation of the main engine

Control system: 7-inch color graphic touch screen control, friendly interface, easy operation; 24-hour warning notification, providing remote operation support; intelligent dynamic display, fault analysis and recovery, multi-machine joint control; reverse protection, multi-point temperature detection and control Protection, automatic adjustment of load rate control protection, etc.

Inverter: Adopt brand high-quality inverter to realize soft start, frequency control, improve running accuracy, change power factor and overcurrent/overvoltage/overload protection