In recent years, although the screw air compressor has given certain support in terms of technology introduction, technological transformation, scientific research and development, etc., it is still not small compared with current market demand and foreign level. The gap is as follows: the product variety is low, the level is low, the quality is unstable, the early failure rate is high, and the reliability is poor. Due to China's late understanding of the important position of air compressor consumables in air compressors, long-term lack of investment has resulted in poor foundation, weak foundation and weak strength. Especially with the improvement of the level of Chinese mainframes, the bottleneck phenomenon of air compressor basic components falling behind the mainframe has become increasingly apparent. At present, air compressor consumables are the main basic products of the China air compressor industry, and the development of air compressors also puts higher requirements on air compressor consumable products. At present, China's common standard air compressor consumables have been oversupplied, and high-end air compressor consumables (high temperature, special-shaped, titanium-plastic composite, special performance and other air compressor consumables) are in short supply, but also rely on imports. Today, the National Air Compressor Bureau lists "common standard air compressor consumables" as a restricted development product, "high-intensity special-shaped air compressor consumables" as current encouragement development products. With the improvement of national industrialization level and technological progress, the use of high-strength air compressors has gradually increased.

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