Encircle ” of li of big auspicious of “ start working as enemy bask in go out and one in succession since the noise of firecracker sound, the fight story 2019 is ripping constrictive machine person gradually heavy curtain. So of industry of constrictive 2019 machine begin will anticipating be how of all? Perhaps be full of determination, old still perhaps pattern; Perhaps be the market growth, perhaps be sales volume atrophy; The industry is exterior perhaps format gradual change, …… of gradual change of environment of internal perhaps market did not arrive ” of time of unreal of this “ demon came December 31, 2019, everything just guesses with prophecy.

January 2019 " constrictive machine " the magazine was released " survey of constrictive machine market analyses 2018 year report " , give out 49872 invalid questionnaire in all, from the market and sale, product and technology, good luck and accept a challenge 3 narrow-minded face 2018 year constrictive machine industry began a state to stop summary and analyse, forecast 2019 year demand of constrictive machine market or will put delay continuously, competitive level will be acuteness with each passing day. To this, in view of period of New year holidays everybody has leisure time, the author visited manufacturer of a few consumption and agency, and with a few stopped to communicate from personnel of course of study with communication, be based on the experience of itself and consideration, combine the idea of enemy of the expert inside course of study, in order to be different from the angle of magazine survey, just face industry of constrictive 2019 machine from the following to the point begin stop to forecast with look forward to.

One, constrictive air is fragmentary and energy-saving

Energy-saving interpret without real understanding saves power namely, regard the world as ”—— of accepted “ report tiger constrictive air is fragmentary, below the double deck pressure that applies efficiency in company capital waste and ascensive motivation, make equipment more energy-saving, continue energy-saving the demand that is a client not merely and expect, it is the responsibility that constrictive machine person should use up and pursuit more. This responsibility and pursuit not merely of how-to industry develop way, also be an industry begin extended vaster space, so, the energy-saving demand on the market will continue exuberant, energy-saving economic value and social value will be shown further with patulous. A because constrictive air is fragmentary energy-saving markets passed 7 years breed (contain client education, academic experience to wait) with begin (2012 to ~ 2018) , already had stridden the market to guide period with growth period, already entered autumn. Business of operation of all sorts of immature technologies, nonstandard, unqualified energy-saving work for already was washed out by the market, all sorts of risks are prevented accuse measure to already was used by the market with bear, and of state level break one's promise the execution of chasten mechanism and perfect, will let was reached 2019 current the energy-saving project of 90% above is real gain, have considerable economic benefits. Be versed in by Chinese current mechanism trade association combines industry expert to make second " constrictive air stands can effect classifications guideline " bloc standard is released formally already, " constrictive air station is energy-saving design manual " in delibrate, clarify fragmentary and energy-saving already of lose entire industry approbate with certain, guide from industry level then with promote constrictive air fragmentary and energy-saving to standardization direction is in good health begin. 3 theory once proved, be based on a client true the constrictive air that 0 investment share form of commerce of economic charge of electricity is fragmentary and energy-saving the market is the “ imperial crown on market of constrictive machine industry ” , it represented the advanced technique of advanced sex —— of the industry and advanced government, the lowermost value —— that it behaved technology and management comes through saving accrual, did not save confiscate beneficial, economic more, income is higher, the economic value that is 3 times above at most is repaid.

“ is about to wear official hat, surely bear its weigh ” this is an old saying, it is hematic summary more, everybody can wear ” of this “ imperial crown, so farther brand changes energy-saving market admiral, centralized, will present real industry to get bellwether.

  2, deal with after constrictive air fragmentary (contain conduit transporting gas)

Deal with after constrictive air fragmentary (after end of all outside eliminating pneumatics chance is constrictive air, deal with fragmentary) it is be accompanying constrictive air and unripe, its resolution constrictive airy quality, also apply capital to have decisive effect to constrictive airy.

As policy of country environmental protection expand, the progress that the market asks to product quality (increase to be purified to having those who contact a product with constrictive air) , because differ quality constrictive air and the understanding that attaint uses gas device, and fragmentary and energy-saving care deals with after be opposite, the market is right the energy-saving environmental protection of high quality, tall efficiency hind deal with fragmentary have comparative await. So, besides add constrictive air station newly to need deal with after collocation fragmentary outside, a few constrictive air that be based on consumptive craft to reform and spark are qualitative the quantity is perfective fragmentary sales volume deals with after demand also will promote, still a few is opposite old old the fragmentary accretion that exchanges demand market, and those who be based on energy-saving demand is energy-saving model hind deal with fragmentary sales volume will expand further.

According to the author's understanding, in facility plant deals with after energy-saving environmental protection constrictive air at present or consuming a line to be being added, after consuming stainless steel especially, deal with fragmentary (machine of group of conduit of machine of machine of stainless steel Leng Gan, blot of stainless steel filter, stainless steel, stainless steel, model blot) of factory or consumptive line add fast faster. Be based on this, the author is forecasted 2019 the category deals with to will present ” of “ a dark horse after stainless steel.

3, constrictive air is fragmentary machine of central —— pneumatics

Pneumatics machine regards constrictive air as fragmentary costar, be based on the market to be optimized to constrictive efficiency, can effect promotion and task noise reduce continuity demand, and the fractionize that different operating mode asks quality of source of the fractionize to using tolerance, gas, pressure classifications, begin via what pass 10 years several with innovation, already from onefold piston, expanded blade type, screw type, centrifugal type, vortex type; Small oil, without oily, water smooth; Labour frequency, frequency conversion, permanent magnetism frequency conversion; Machine of leather belt, straight couplet, an organic whole; Only course dual class is constrictive, constrictive; Secure machine, move machine; High pressure, middling pressure (often press) , a variety of means such as high pressure, diversiform category. This one giant product a group of things with common features group, rich and generous the choice of the market, expanded market space, but characteristic of ” of sex of its “ reunion is abate also the concentration of the market is spent, make capital dispersive, talent aggravate of dispersive, competition, deferred industry continuity thereby innovation and quality begin step. The “ that the staying power of this one demand that this allows sex of fluctuation of attend to of numerous enterprise be free, firm and perseverance ability produce makes element ” , in the market that does not have force of strong brand call, in can relying on price war, relation battle to be in only low end fistfight of the life-and-death on the market, in the meantime, also make industry of homebred and constrictive machine appears the difficulty of world-class brand to be added continuously.

Of the market need a gender to be able to include more the diversity of product category, in Sino-US commerce battle is comforted and international fills automatically short board below policy setting, nation is new of strategy of round of large capital construction apply will be helpful for driving capital construction kind the sales volume of constrictive machine grows. Below the multiple effect that produces Internet of promotion, industry, big data in weak energy-saving demand, intelligence, this one new class will present true intelligence or wisdom and opportunity of pneumatics of content couplet net because of demand in the market.

Industrial move and one belt all the way the strategy, also will bring the opportunity of foreign market for homebred pneumatics machine, especially northwest inferior and play blame market, the performance that forecasts this region market will be in in former years is more outstanding.

  4, constrictive air is fragmentary fatigue of carry out aftereffect

Work for is industrial Electromechanical kind the “ Palladium ” of the product, work for is improvement user experience, maintain guest feeling relation, promote the invalid artifice that continues to purchase, the ”—— of line of “ life and death that work for also is practitioner of constrictive machine industry sells a product to need not make money, but active service can survive.

In recent years, of move Internet begin, complete brightly lit turns information of supply and demand, supply and demand is handy change, of all kinds replace a gender to maintain safeguard bad news material and fittings to be able to be obtained at any time, market of the work for after making block high profit of the gender makes work originally appeared the prices that low competition, profit continues to reduce. The company lowers further in the requirement high pressure shrinks air is fragmentary operation capital while increased exterior the strength that combats erosion, lack of the work for after making make work operates a gender, its profit space is farther by constrictive.

Constrictive air is fragmentary it is to continue the industry that high load capacity runs is fragmentary, periodic maintenance, maintain with updating equipment it is sure, although enterprise user is based on his,capital ponders, frequency of all profit the work for after making make work, demand second, updating equipment rate falls, but the market of diversification product type is supply, energy-saving transform demand add will ecbolic market of the work for after new carry out, so overall and character, market of labor of carry out aftereffect is firm in have add.

The consumptive district format of industry of constrictive 2018 machine broke out very big change, although enemy encircles the market in to behave dynamic, but from end of the year statistical data looks, real market behaves endless be apt to to use up the United States. Heated up again 2019 flourishing the remaining pieces that be troubled by, the anticipation that the author thinks industry of in former years is begun is sequential the hope for that will be less than everybody, but “ of expression of industry outstanding achievement is firm in have adding ” is sure. In the meantime, we should seize the opportunity that nation capital market changes, capital of course strong exercise to benefit the internal organs, be in harmony, get together group of force after exercising restraint, market “ reunions the weakness of sexual ” , hit itself form those who be fractionize category internationally brand, acquire market dominant authority, price right thereby, so international enterprise occupies position on the arena of can alive bound certainly.

Because the author does not have major statistic and analyse, forecast can be reason only, cannot provide detailed data, what narrate an idea to also offer reference only.