Users who have used screw air compressor know that & rsquo;host & rsquo; is the core of the entire device, why is it so important, please understand how the host works:

The main engine is the core component of the compressor. It is one of the positive displacement compressors. The compression of the air is caused by the continuous generation of gas between the slots of the male and female rotors that are parallel to each other in the casing of the mobile phone. The change is along the rotor axis, from the suction side to the exclusion side, and the three working processes of suction, compression, and exhaust are completed. Therefore, the profile technology of the air compressor twin-screw rotor determines the grade of the product positioning of the twin-screw air compressor.

The air is filtered by the air filter to remove dust or impurities from the atmosphere, and then enters the compressor main unit through the intake valve, and mixes with the injected cooling oil during compression. The mixed gas is discharged from the compression chamber into the oil-gas separation tank. At this time, the oil-containing gas compressed and discharged passes through collision, interception, and gravity, and most of the oil medium is separated, and then enters the oil-gas oil separator for secondary separation to obtain oil content. Very little compressed air, when the air is compressed to the specified pressure value, the minimum pressure valve is opened, the compressed air is discharged to the cooler for cooling, and finally sent to the use system.

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